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Some of my classes didn't have curriculum when I showed up, but the school said that books would be in by the end of the month. There was no housing let alone any female teachers that had any off property shared housing. Fortunately, my recruiter argued them into giving me what was owed to me. Also they insisted I go to church since the boss is like a christian church group leader. He made me sign a new contract, denied my medical, severance and pension. In your final month they will fire you leaving you with nothing. Dont sign a contract unless the president signs it. The Good: - They always pay on time and in full - The owners are hardly there and they generally do not harass the foreign teachers. Considering all this, I would strongly advise against working there. I wanted to blacklist this school because of the working conditions. I hope they find someone else to pick on, and vent their insecurities on after I leave. She often chooses a target to criticize and emotionally abuse. I hope you consider my request to blacklist Yongkuk Koo and his school, E Clock Academy. However, on the plus side- the apartment they provide is very spacious with two bedrooms. He has gotten a Hagwon by the name of Beyond Academy to provide the necessary paperwork for my visa. The kids were incredible and so much fun to teach, but I do not the think the hagwon is doing well financially, and I think that has seriously affected the director's treatment of her foreign teachers. The old owner always went to the philppines for business.He did not care much about the students or staff. They lie to the students and parents about why teachers are leaving and they lie to the parents about their children's progress. I want to start by writing positive aspects about the school to be as fair as possible. They are very abrasive and unhelpful if you do not know something. I am thankful for their opportunities but they will find always find a way to make your life harder. They did not do so, and about three years ago, Poly School took them to court. They never speak English to me and if they do it is to complain that I'm doing something wrong, only to find out that it is because they have not given me adequate instructions to avoid such errors. They regularly patrol all the classrooms and look through the windows. Suddenly we were being heavily criticized for every aspect of our teaching, but without any constructive criticism or feedback on how to improve. He could not secure the money he wanted for himself so he decided to cut his staff. Complaints of not smiling in the morning, your voice sounds scary, or even a male teacher getting his haircut too short, and students going home and crying because of it. Two years of working, contract was changed and benefits were removed without discussion. We were told that we would have a few days to recover from jetlag before we were made to come into the school. - Being sick is apparently a privilege and the use of sick days is virtually nonexistent. - Oh, and you will have to move without sufficient notice in the middle of the week, moving property that is not yours, and getting charged to do it. - You may be forced to teach very young children, even if that wasn't discussed at all prior to hiring. As I have mentioned before this school is best avoided. Everything sounded fine before I got there, but things turned ugly pretty fast. The apartment had black mold everywhere and I'm fairly certain that he was trying to cheat on the taxes coming out of my paycheck. I was told that those classes would not be compensated for because I had taught them during my training period. It eventually stopped working and could not be repaired. During that time they turn off all the lights and you are sitting in the academy in the dark. I lost out on a lot of money but was so happy not to have to go back into that school. These worksheets were absolutely pointless and I never saw one of the worksheets used. I really could write pages and pages about what he did but. Direct lenders are ready to provide urgent financial assistance regardless of your credit history. School belittles teachers in front of the clients/ students.

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She started out by being really, nice then getting nasty about a month into my stay there. However, I just wanted to post my reality while working there.

Workers' Rights - Employer Testing - Tests, Employers.

We have filed legal charges but doubt we will see any money or justice. We just walked out, and as our stuff was already moved out, we went to a friend's house where we were planning on staying. I was also told by the former English teacher that I can teach the classes anyway I wanted to, which I found out later was a complete lie. Lastly, your contract states that you will be teaching one kindergarten class. While the attack occurred, two of the three males at the campus huddled in the corner telling the lady being punched to get away from the crazy lady and come towards them. There are indeed two locations and I worked at the Madu-dong branch and the school has serious issues retaining teachers.everyone quits. Well, after each month rolled by, I noticed that my salaries were never reduced for health care OR pension.

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My recruiter asked if I had any recommendations for friends to take my position, and told them I would never let anyone work here, let alone the public. When confronted with this issue they claimed it was paid but after I called to check I was told they hadn't. Payday loans for veterans. On my last day of work, I was made to stay after class to finish grading papers and make report cards. Most poly schools and hagwans will help you with this. Also, not only do we just talk about work, we do socialize with each other about non-work related topics and go out for casual meals or drinks.

and functions as a specialized public school, not dependent on payment from students to attend. When I was fired, I got a long list of complaints, not a document to sign, but just a list. As a new teacher, it's exhausting and obviously I made a few mistakes. You are forbidden from bringing alcohol or tobacco into your apartment. This is word-for-word after I mentioned I wasn't inventing concerns in my imagination. On multiple occasions, XXXX yelled at me, lied incessantly, and then demanded apologies when I pointed out lies, promised things not delivered, and just generally emotionally and mentally abused employees, koreans and foreigners alike. The hot water wasnt always functional, but tolerable. There's no communication, and you will be handed strips of paper regularly which contain your instructions. Moms control most of the decision making as they are paying an arm and leg each month for tuition.

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The teacher mentioned here missed his connecting flight due to oversleeping and had to book the next available flight. Therefore, she did not maintain the room, allowing its walls and wooden doors to be covered in black mold. I guess the current manager doesn't value hard work at all, seeing as how she paid me less and constantly gave me unfair treatment. So they never intended to keep him in the first place.

Payroll - Hunter College

And I turned out to be right as the director--I will call him K--demanded that I pay him the fee paid to the recruiter. One day I came back from the gym to find a lovely yellow notice on my door. To me, that sums up this entire job where they were work and manipulate you to your last drop Even when I told Jxx I was quitting she admitted that she had seen I was stressed about the bus duty.but they had still given me more kids. My Korean colleagues have ostracised myself and the other foreign teacher working at the school which has been quite unpleasant. If you want to wait to get paid this is a job for you.

Schooner Freedom Charters

And this was my undoing and why I'm no longer there. I have to leave Korea and I cannot return for a year. No wifi, projectors, laptops, or anything with technology is provided to help in teaching. They are too cheap to hire a janitor so they treat their teachers like cleaners and pass all the work onto them. The pay might seem good, and the work environment is more professional, but it had a bad vibe. There is terrible communication issues, nobody knows what goes on when. My director and I negotiated an end date for ten weeks later. We are a couple currently working at KDLP and are having a completely different experience, in fact, we would recommend working at KDLP. Of the countless reprimands that I received from him in the first few months, the worst was probably on my first day at the Chilgok* branch. At the time of leaving the school, Songpa SLP was in financial hardship and were forcing their new hires to teach overtime. The management was not only ineffective but, they were actually hostile towards foreigners. Before signing a contract at MLS, both the owner and the manager assured me that my plane ticket to Korea would be paid for. However, I always had to remind myself of the good things everyday or I would have gone crazy.

Halfords Complaints | Complaints Department

He is also not paying any other employees and is trying to open another school in Gwangju-si Geoyonggi-do province. For example, telling English teachers they are not going on a field trip so they should use the time to prepared for monthly reports, but on the day of the trip, telling them they have to go with and that reports are due sooner. Navy federal payday loans. The school is losing business to another franchise which just opened across the street. Emphasis is always places on finishing the test books the students have which is always too advanced for them. I missed the last step in the stairwell, fell and landed on my elbow, fracturing it. You get in trouble for kicking them out of class or disciplining them. They will charge you random and absurd amounts of money to take care of your 'apartment maintenance' but will not provide a bill to prove the actual costs. Stay far away from these schools and anything to do with this director. As a credential teacher, I was looking for a school that looked out for the interest of the students. Do not consider employment even under desperate circumstances. I was sent to Japan for a visa run, due to an error by my hiring employer. Here are the problems I had with the school some are small and others are very large. Ez cash payday loans. Workers stuck in this bad situation need a lot of money to get out of it and that is difficult with no wages paid. But you have to also calculate the fact that they do not provide any other benefits except their so-called "severance". I never knew why, because she would never talk to me to try to resolve it; in fact, she always pretended to be very friendly to my face. They tried to get me deported for working for a competitor after they let me go. They will work you to the bone.including weekends and summer and winter vacation classes. If conditions at the school change in a positive way, I'd be happy to see that. I could go on and on, but simply, I don't recommend this school. The working conditions at this school are terrible. A portion of the kitchen ceiling was taped with duct tape to avoid collapse, and the teacher paid with her own money to have the walls wallpapered to cover the stains and mold. The main thing they say is, "Next quarter we will get to use it". Her personality is very difficult to deal with because she thinks she knows everything because she used to teach in an American school some time ago. He is making it very difficult for her to get a new job

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