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He or she tends to also wander around the fortress, naked except for a cloak, shoes, and gloves. Etna is a Jerkass and is openly contemptuous of his authority, Flonne is obsessed with LOVE and TV, Sicily literally tried to overthrow him, but all of them are reliable-ish, skilled, and - although he'd eat hot coals rather than admit it - his friends, so he hauls them around with him anyway. He not only enjoys but actively encourages healthy exercise, puts a homemade and highly volatile condiment on everything he eats, and is about as subtle as a sledgehammer.

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Next to his boss, he was one of the quickest members of his gang to actually rack up a body-count. The pilots in are completely insane, but good pilots. Not only is he a right hand man of Don Whitehouse, a super competent warrior and commander, but he's also Captain Schwann, a highly respected and powerful knight captain in the Imperial Knights. All other trademarks and service marks belong to their owners About ACE Cash Express ACE Cash Express is a payday lender that claims to help you obtain cash quickly through instant approval. So far, he has shown himself to be able to spirit-walk, control the weather to some extent and combat hostile spirits in the waking world. Jeremy Clockson, a clockmaker with no sense of fun who is, in fact,. Before Hodges joined the cast, Grissom held the title. Once you have found a loan offer that works for you, you will be asked to provide your electronic signature; this binds you into a contract with the lender which means that you are legally obligated to adhere to the terms in the loan agreement. K-Sha outright ran away from ruling Lastation and allowed a corrupt mercenary group to seize power and take the nation on the warpath. ' Agent Fox Mulder believes in alien abductions and every other wacky paranormal theory under the sun the respectable ones, and refuses to shut up or censor himself to make people comfortable. There is also Bryson, while technically DEA, he is a cross-dresser with a forte in Sting operations and uses both quirk and talent to quickly formulate a plan to rescue Cooper. If he wasn't such a competent Kaiju biologist, he'd probably get checked into a mental hospital due to his borderline-obsession with the things.     Films - Live-Action  Essentially everyone in the film , which could almost be the trope namer. In the series of books, many of the emperors of the Andermani Empire count. Lampshaded by Hector in , but it is later revealed that one of the people he's talking about is. That alone should have been enough, as each profession is the bunny ears for the other. If that wasn't strange enough, he's also a skilled guitar player, and is so fanatic about it that his futuristic guitar is not only a weapon, but actually integrates with the piloting mechanism for the Miraj, the team's spaceship. Martin Riggs from the series is suicidal in the first film, and then just plain crazy after he gets over it. Merlin's second "job," as you call it, is nowhere on his contract - that's just him being a good friend, and Arthur keeps him around because they're Heterosexual Life-Partners. He manages to stay in office for a hundred years and runs a very effective ship. However, the Inquisition mostly looks the other way entirely due to the fact these chapters get results. Mike Haggar from the series, a professional wrestler turned mayor who deals with Metro City's gang problem by kicking all their asses without police assistance. The Space Wolves don't even pretend to play by the rules.

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Hamitch Abernathy who is able to mentor Katniss and Peeta enouogh to enable them to win the games despite being an extreme alcoholic is also an excellent example. Derek Hawthorne combines this and Cowboy Cop in the series. Online payday payday loan application and instant decision. CashNetUSA offers online payday loans, sometimes referred to as cash advances, in a number of states, including California, Florida. Percy Jackson is this, particularly when observed from the outside. Perhaps House sees a way to flaunt convention and, incidentally, save patient lives.

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Lundy has some quirks but it's not that prominent in general. If Cox asked Kelso for something, and Kelso said no, and Cox let it go, Kelso knew it wasn't important. No teletrack payday loan lenders. And despite her usual prissiness and tendency to panic at the slightest hint of getting dirty; she has repeatedly demonstrated that she can throw down with the best of them. These days, if someone told the wizards that there was an orangutan in the library, they would probably ask the Librarian if he'd seen it. Danny Hua in is a sweet-tempered Cloudcuckoolander who can't follow most basic metaphors, is compulsively honest and has a phobia of speaking with contractions. An alternate timeline shows us a much more serious Jimmy with no such vice. Use the map below to determine your nearest location, then follow the location link to view schedules. Rodney Dangerfield's character Thornton Melon embodies the Dangerfield goofball persona, but also has tremendous business acumen. Gregory House definitely qualifies as a Bunny-Ears Lawyer. Dorothy in once dated a lawyer who wanted to retire from law and become a circus clown. paints the FBI as a bureau of quirky and talented people. Jack O'Neill of basically paved the way for Sheppard, as Jack's fought off multiple invasions of Earth from the Go'auld and still finds the time for a fishing trip. gives us Javik, who is a rude, selfish, arrogant tool who is profoundly bigoted against synthetics and describes everyone around him as "primitives". Unfortunately, the lobotomized Zaphod hates being a pawn of his past self, so he actively tries to sabotage his own plans. Will Graham from is a Bunny Ears Profiler thanks to his abnormal empathy. A spectacular example is Javier, who wears plate armour all the time and acts like Don Quixote, and is a Boisterous Bruiser to awesome effect. Mad Dok Grotsnik performs surgery unorthodox even by Ork standards and often times his bionics will "mysteriously" explode if the owner annoys Grotsnik, but he saved the life of his tribe boss and is highly dangerous in battle. Holmes regularly conducts very malodorous chemical experiments, decorates his wall with bullet holes, and keeps tobacco in a slipper and correspondence pinned to the mantle with a knife. In an example that counteracts Doctor McNinja.the entire staff. The Boss falls into this a lot, but never more so than in.

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The teacher brought a living bear to class, the principal would teach William Shakespeare only while disguised as The Bard, and one of the students would speak every A as an I for one month because he lost a bet. Completely and totally mentally unbalanced, prone to assuming make-believe identities and over-personifying objects and is just flat-out loony. But he's also obsessed with , plus everything else about him. centers on a therapist who helps professional athletes and other celebrities whose quirks have started to affect their job to the point that they cannot get away with it anymore. But they are frighteningly competent at throwing the entire world into a long and bitter war.

He's a Large Ham who has an obsession with birthdays and seems to spend more of his time baking cakes than running his company.and yet is a Chessmaster and Manipulative Bastard who managed to Out Gambit a living embodiment of human Greeed and is pretty much the Big Good of the series. His habit of always having a knife on him is used to suggest that he is unstable and still suffering from a 'prison mentality'. Ford's semi-cousin, Zaphod Beeblebrox, with whom he shared three of the same mothers, is also this to unknown extents. Ed Wachtel in is a lawyer who later becomes a judge. : Father Jude has his own approach to things, he smokes like a chimney, swears like a sailor and has a generally casual attitude but he is a devout priest with real faith in his God and a caring man. Also, he popped in and said "Happy birthday" to Harry Crane - when they were holding a baby shower for him. Since has the same developer, it's expected that it also has a few bunny ears. He has the respect as a hunter and as a spy of the most powerful characters in the show. His goofball antics never affect his performance on the job in spite of being less than professional, he is well-liked by his subordinates, and he manages to whip a World War II-era rustbucket of a submarine and a Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits into an effective fighting force over the course of a Montage. The main character of comes off as being a bit eccentric due to her secretly being someone else dropped into her current body, but with the old inhabitant's brains and her ingenuity, she's a good lawyer. One case in Justice For All has the Berry Big Circus, which is a circus of bunny-ears performers. However, she is so good at the diplomatic side of things- especially persuading otherwise fractious students to work together for the school's betterment- that everyone respects her authority anyway. In order to request a short term loan through this website, you should first fill out our short, easy and secure online form. Investigations has Shi-Long Lang, an Interpol officer who is really damn good at his job despite having an odd fascination with acting like a wolf, to the point of howling when upset. Strangelove is a brilliant former Nazi with a severe case of alien hand syndrome - his right hand gives the Seig Heil salute without his control, and takes extreme effort to force back into his lap, and occasionally attempts to strangle him. The second time is when Louise is made a defense attorney for her school's mock trial. The Dungeon Master noble in is a talented animal trainer and metalsmith who permits your fortress to train a variety of creatures you usually can't. The latter however takes this trope to its full extent.

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However, she's just too damn useful - being the only one among the Connors' group who can go toe-to-toe with a Terminator. You also get a promotional "Pyro's goggles" that let you see the world as s/he does. It may help that she has strong ties with the Adama family though. However, as any player will tell you, if you are close to him/her, expect to be dead soon. This is despite being a genius with PhDs in Criminal Justice and Civil War History in addition to being the world's foremost authority on Alcatraz. and who is still a humorous bumbling glutton prone to extremely awkward moments. This is accepted with detached amusement by everyone except his Treacherous Advisor. When s/he's burning things, s/he's spreading bubbles, flowers, and magic. : Minsc is, well, Minsc, but he hath a strong sword arm. Half of the reason she has a bunk on the good ship is Mal's tendency toward Honor Before Reason, but the half is because of those exceptionally useful Psychic Powers she has. He's also a thoroughly irreverent Deadpan Snarker with Worth mentioning: Richard Dean Anderson once asked General Michael E. Detective Charlie Crews of NBC's who turned to zen Buddhist philosophy after his wrongful imprisonment. Corporal "Pronto" Pontucci had rare moments of weirdness, but was basically intelligent, competent, and most of all, relatively sensible, aside from an odd tendency to use Duct Tape for Everything. His quirks are overlooked however, partly because he is a cunning and successful prosecutor, but mostly because his co-workers are all subtly quirky too. In Bram Stoker's , Omnidisciplinary Scientist and vampire hunting expert Abraham Van Helsing has quite the disturbing sense of humor, but his friends still admire him. Vetinari is a very subtle example, but he definitely has a quirky side. Cash advance for capital one credit cards. Judy, on the other hand, is a good receptionist who happens to be a gorilla. Ryan, then-Chief of Staff of the Air Force, if he had colonels as bunny-eared as O'Neill. After suffering from a bullet to the head, Creegan is literally missing parts of his brain; specifically those that regulate shame. Everybody is laughing even as they get shot, blood is replaced with random items such as gears or balloons, and fire with sparkly rainbows and happiness. He also wears a second costume, under his 'civilian' costume. Burna Boyz are pyromaniacs carrying backpacks filled with promethium and willing to set their buddies on fire, but are useful in battle and for metal work. Beyond the need for attention, he shows numerous Genius Ditz tendencies and held literally dozens of jobs within a few years before the start of the show, suggesting an inability to fit in normally in society. In the case of Starscream, his quirk is that he wants to supplant Megatron.

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his client' because he is certain that the twelve jurors seem reasonable people. The reason James puts up with Colin despite Colin being a smarmy buttkisser who sells out anyone that doesn't outrank him at the drop of a hat. In , the 's sonarman Jones is described as eccentric even by navy standards, but is nevertheless very competent. It is suspected by members of his own court that Obyron is only "following" him to use his tactical genius; as Obyron could easily dispatch Zahndrekh and rule the dynasty himself. Willie Beamen in Any Given Sunday had the habit of throwing-up at least once every match. The Autobots aren't devoid of quirky robots, either. Douglas Fargo, the man who put the Schmuck in Schmuck Bait.

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House isn't the only one; Doctor Amber "Cutthroat-Bitch" Volakis earned her nickname soon after being introduced. 1000 payday loan direct lender. He also seems to know really random facts that couldn't possibly help him run the city, like the stats of one of the football teams or that "pysdxes" are ancient Ephebian needle holders. Blitzwing is hilarious and argues with himselves. He is also very good with animals, a highly observant and capable investigator, a decent actor, ace driver, love-machine par excellence and no slouch in a fight. Being more traditionally intelligent is more effective in the long run. One scene had him explaining his latest wacky idea to Beckett, then instead of rejecting him, she admits she can't come up with anything better. And, you know, the all-mysterious and all-powerful leader of a rebel organization. One of the Sons is a professional Elvis impersonator which seems seriously out of place in an outlaw biker gang

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