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The last one in the bunch come along only recently in the Butcher's Mod Pack. For a subcompact pistol it has fairly excellent statistics and is perfectly concealable from the get-go, though its stopping power leaves a fair bit to be desired. He then examines the guns, first looking at the right side of the left gun and the left side of the right gun. The Vector is an amusingly powerful weapon in any heist with solid damage, accuracy and stability. Strangely, when fitting a "skin" to the gun, the foregrip will appear again. The lack of feed lips is all too obvious in this frame. However it's really low concealment means that stealth is not worth using this for, plus the high rate of fire will chew through your ammo fast if you aren't careful. The RPK seen along with various other AKs in the new safehouse. Although its new animations are much less showy, even the CMP magazines got their shiny chrome bullets. Here the slide is just a blink away from locking into battery. It has some very strange-looking bullets modeled in it. Payday loan without a check. As with most Sten models and derivatives in video games, the Sterling is held in the ever-so-incorrect "Sten grip" position, which is even more jarring in the hands of the series' resident Brit, Hoxton. It is possible to hurt or kill one's own team members with it, so it pays to be careful when using it. Its accuracy and recoil are solid from the start, but the low damage needs help to reach its best. Payday loans for unemployed people on benefits. It's not a complete copy however, more like an approximation. Called "Silenced Barrel" in-game, the mod does not change the barrel to an integrally suppressed one, as the name would have one assume, instead it's just a suppressor attached to the end of the barrel. Weapons are instead unlocked to purchase by leveling up, which now is done with experience points instead of money.

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The PSG doesn't have any paddle magazine release or iron sights either.

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The SMGs that can be dual-wielded are listed below in their respective entry, except for the AKMSU. Note that the "Long barrel" modification is also installed here, giving the shotgun its proper barrel lenght. In a later update however, it was changed AGAIN to what we have now. It's interesting to note that the reload animation has been changed twice. It has a canted front grip in order to make it easier to hold. Instead of using the ejector rod, the player character will flick the gun slightly downwards to drop them out, which isn't the best way to do it. It has a very different unlocking method where the player has to find two keys and a box in four heists in order to unlock it. After inserting a new rocket, Wolf cocks the hammer, something very rarely shown in games. It should be noted that the belt is shown as still having bullets in it even after apparently going through the whole box. Note that the "S" in "HPS" is already short for "suppressor", so the in-game suffix is redundant. The grip-mounted laser module not only increases accuracy in itself, but its beam is completely unobtrusive when the sights are used. They are flipped up via some form of telepathy seemingly. This can be dangerous to the player as the grenade can be shot and detonated the split-second it's fired, leading to the user getting hurt. Sydney also has a tattoo of the carbine on her left arm. The Para gets different rails and no vertical foregrip.

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Explains the extreme concealment rating, fails to account for the aftermarket sights. Note the aftermarket vertical foregrip in place of the barrel nut. John and his Uzi take a break outside and converse on the graphitti that adorns the wall outside the hideout. Not concerned about the strange bullets, Dallas inserts a new mag and is just frames away from hitting the slide release. Certain weapon types also possess unique characteristics, such as sniper rifles being able to pierce shields and cover, as can shotguns loaded with slugs, or machineguns being capable of massive volumes of fire at the expense of proper aiming. It can be dual-wielded, which also marks the first ever set of DLC akimbo pistols in. Secondaries consist of pistols, machine pistols, and bizarrely, a few chopped down variants of some shotguns and assault rifles. The KRISS Vector was added with the "Gage Ninja Pack" DLC. The warhead doesn't spin, either, and will fly straight out of the tube when fired. Seemingly, this SCAR-H has a broken bolt catch since the bolt does not lock back when the gun runs dry. The feed chute is then clicked back into place and the gun is ready to spit lead again, neverminding the fact that the barrel cluster itself needs to be rotated a bit counter-clockwise to catch the ammo belt before it can fire anything. However the accuracy is pretty piddly, you can't mod the sights and the high rate of fire plus fast reloads means you can very easily burn through your ammo. Do i have to pay back payday loans. With high concealment plus very good hip-fire aim, the only problem the gun has is low total ammo and a small set of moddable parts. Meanwhile, Chains smacks in a new magazine as a random woman looks on in horror at the goon squad. The VSS Vintorez used by the Russian Cloakers in the Boiling Point heist. The Bronco is a solid sidearm for pretty much anything.

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Besides the DSA bolt-on railed scope mount and the eared paratrooper rear sight, it matches the above image to a T. Also note the ELCAN Specter scope attached to a scope mount that's attached to the existing scope mount.

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Hoxton dares the aptly-redshirted GenSec guard to make his day while lamenting the sore lack of Clint Eastwood references the developers could have made with this gun. It does however shred armor very quickly on higher difficulties. Jiro stands outside the safe house trying to get a grasp on his new Brazilian sidearm. Note that the bolt is closed on the preview screen, showing that it is very nicely detailed. Note the Brazilian flag and that the shells are too long and clip into the gun. From this angle the "early-B" model's elongated buffer cap hook is plainly visible. These are Magpul MBUS sights, same as the Raven's "Flip-up Sight" mod. Initially the smoke grenade model was reused for the flash bangs used by the police, but the flash finally got its own model in an update. Also note the fully-cocked hammer which is mechanically impossible for the original Single Action Army but possible for the Vaquero, another giveaway on what the gun actually is.

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While the mag itself still lacks the lips, this newer, more tame animation conveniently obscures that fact while also making it much less of an issue. It's recommended you get another sight option to offset the irons. Modifications include a Kokusai Devil heavy barrel, engraved grip panels, and a special black grip festooned with a black cloth wrapping, a cross, and spikes on the bottom. A title loan is an easy way to borrow against the value of your car. Note that the hammer is in SA mode, but the trigger is in DA. The Hardcore Henry update added the ability to Akimbo two SMGs. Scarface introducing the target dummy to his "little friend". Note the LionGameLion maker's mark under the iron sight, right where the Kel-Tec logo is supposed to go. Unlike the other double-barreled shotgun in the game, the Joceline actually has a different animation for reloading when only one shell has been fired. Best cash advance. Fitting the rifle with the "contractor grip" and "contractor stock" gives it an appearance similar to the rifle pictured above. Note that the grenade's spoon actually flies off and is seen laying on the ground. Note the relatively massive attachment rail and low-profile laser which don't hurt concealability in any way. These accessories are all official B&T extras, excluding the TangoDown vertical foregrip. It is marketed as the "Polygon SMG" in-universe and called "Kross Vertex" by the inventory screen. There's more than one model that could claim to be the basis. Coming from below and to the left, the laser sight beam on the CMP disrupts the sight picture much less than with most other guns.

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"Professional's Sight" is officially endorsed by B&T and the massive proprietary "Tactical Suppressor" is a reminder that Brügger & Thomet started out in the business of making silencers. Also note the ACOG scope, called "Acough Optic Scope" in-game, and the Magpul EMAG, the latter was added along with this rifle and can be used with all rifles in-game that use STANAG magazines. For some reason it is modeled without the red plastic blade in the front sight. It is known in-universe as the "Schäfer & Gewehr Master", or "Contractor" pistol in the game's inventory screen. Taran Tactical Innovations has been changed to "Tecci Tactical Operations". He was using the weapon at the range before the weapon pack was officially announced. Wolf resorts to gently pushing down the bolt instead of going for the ubiquitous slap to chamber a new round. Players are given infinite uses of their smoke grenades, though are entitled to only one at a time and with a short cooldown between each one. The sight picture is the same as the AMCAR, but it works well at ranges this short. Note that the bolt only goes locks forward at the beginning of the reload animation and not when the gun runs dry, as common in video games. Note the red fiber-optic front sight, which sadly does not glow in the dark. What makes it such a hidden gem are the terrific accuracy and stability for its fire rate, which mean that it can put three rounds into a helmet where other SMGs could only place one before jumping off mark. There must be some malfunction with the slide release or more likely the magazine's hold-open device as the slide doesn't lock back once the gun is dry. Note the combination retractable-folding HK stock, the fake vent holes on the foregrip texture, and the optic lens cover clipping through the front sight. Known as the "Swedish K", the in-game weapon is based on an early "B" model as evident by the elongated buffer cap hook and lack of Sweden's iconic green lacquer. There are some small markings on the gun, but most are completely illegible. Instead of simply dropping the mag, it's removed by hand and presumably kept, which is wise. The spent cases drop out by themselves smoothly in perfect formation; normally, the casings expand after firing and stick in the chambers, requiring the use of the ejector rod. This stock can only be fitted onto the "Stryk" and none of the other Glocks in-game, despite the fact that it should fit any real full-size or compact Glock. The fire selector is set to "SMG", whatever that means. It is overall similar to its full-sized counterpart, but has slightly higher damage and a higher rate of fire but shorter range and lower accuracy. Also note the stock interface, which is a Kriss USA's proprietary Enhanced Stock Adapter that appears when the Vector's default stock is swapped out for a mod. After the animation update, however, it gains the AUG's proprietary magazine. Also despite being apparently milspec, the weapon also bears the caution to read the user manual above the fire selector, a feature not present on military UMPs. Also available are special shells for shotguns, all of which cycle fine and well in any weapon of that category regardless of operation. The sight picture is clear, if cramped on the sides. Oddly enough, despite being chambered entirely for pistol-grade ammunition types, it is classified as a sniper rifle, and thus can penetrate thin walls and shields. The laser light gadgets sit on the left and upside down on the CMP, making the yellow laser module's label much more legible than usual. The flag on the sling contrasts with the distinctly un-American manufacturer peeking out from underneath. Pulling the charging handle to chamber a new round. Why it disappears when no "skin" is used is unknown. The Patchett's a very finicky gun to use in game, with stellar stability and a deep ammo pool pitted against piddly damage and really bad inaccuracy that really can't be modded out without significant effort. Note that the rod and extractor don't actually move, however, but regardless the casings will still pop out in a neat synchronized formation. The original Romanian designation for this rifle is the PM md. It's fitted with a non-removable Magpul MVG foregrip. Looks like this tactical custom was devised at an in-house "Chimano Custom Shop" instead. Renewing a loan will result in additional finance charges and fees. The aiming modules clamped on the side are much more obtrusive using the irons than with an optical sights, which sit much higher on top of the gun. Shell, tab, carry on the downward motion to the ammo pouch for another shell, repeat. His peripheral sense tuned more towards sudden drawing motions, the guard fails to notice Hoxton pulling a carbine from his sleeve. Note how the chamber of the barrels are clipping through the slide, this is because the barrels are shown as straight and not tilting, as common in video games. The first-person animation update introduced this baffling maneuver - Chains here is strong enough to tug back the charging handle, with one finger, even when he's twisting his left arm through the gap between the stock and his right hand. Houston hoists up the entire gun for a reload, which is no small feat considering his slender build. The THRUST upper adds the distinctive titanium nitride coated bolt carrier group while the THRUST lower adds a Magpul BAD lever, albeit it's not actually used, which is too bad. An early patch added street cops carrying this weapon. It is also capable of selective-firing, which is a highly unusual trait, that few illegal gunsmiths would implement into a weapon when converting from semi to fully-automatic. For some reason, putting a synthetic handguard with a plastic foregrip onto the RPK decreases both accuracy stability but damage. This completely unique melee attack is a weak knock with the most fragile part of the rifle, punctuated by totally absent trigger discipline

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