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And the talking heads wonder why millenials and young-ish people are just checking out of life in droves. Because I was still young and naïve, I decided to be a full time student and take out a loan to not only pay for my school, but to pay for my housing as well.

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I was elated to get accepted and so excited to live in NYC. I thought an education was my ticket to a better life. I became concerned with how much debt I was accumulating, but I was determined and already committed. I have been uprooted, moved from place to place and life is generally sucky. After leaving college early as I maxed out my lending capacity, you try and find a good job. Since then I have had serious health issues arise, lost my house, had to file bankruptcy, and I still can't get back ahead. Now I am faced with knowing I will most likely never be able to buy a home. The students I did NOT get to help need protection from this predatory perversion of "higher education." Please support the regulations that would provide this. As manufacturing jobs fled this country, due to offshoring, higher education became even more crucial than it was. I had more student loans with Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation. I won scholarships and had a bit set aside by my parents. Yet here in America, you can graduate with a Master's degree, become a college professor, yet remain too poor and underpaid to EVER repay your student loan rating. We both worked through school to be able to eat and put a roof over our heads. The wastefulness exhibited in higher education, the entitlement of the staff, and the lack of accountability is rampant and the number one problem with the escalating costs of higher education. Which I now know was because due to the current laws, the banks knew I would be liable to pay the rating no matter what happened in my life.

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I am doing exactly what I trained to do, what I love, what I am called to do. I can't take out more loans because the student loan rating destroyed my credit rating. We need to raise taxes in order to pay for education. No more American dream.just nightmare, look forward to not being able to afford health care also, just another benefit of our government. After this experience, I don't look forward to having a mortgage either. I think about changing careers because maybe in a corporate job I could make more. IF I had not had a lifetime teaching certification, I would NOT have been able to renew my certification to continue teaching, my chosen career. I proudly through hell and high water got my Master's in International Relations with the intent of working to address and correct the many social, environmental, economic and political ills threatening and tormenting most of our planet today. We allowed her to pursue her dream – knowing we would be helping her pay back the loans. They told me that they will sue me in court for all money that I owe them. Even, the government and colleges today still use the same advertisements. I am left wondering how well or widely it was promoted or communicated. I worked all the time with second jobs, babysitting, summer jobs, making and selling jewelry at flea markets and craft shows, whatever I could do to scratch out a living. I've been living a fulfilling life helping the public. It didn't help that the companies kept changing and I kept moving from apartment to apartment. I've spoken to Mike, Erica, Nicole, Christina, Bob, Dawson, Brian, Sheila, Linda at Navient and all of them have given me different answers, I'm in tears because they won't help me. I am thankful for what my education has afforded me, but my loans remain in default because I cannot afford the payment that they expect. I am asking for an interest rate that could make my principal balance be feasible to pay off in my life time. So misguided! So uneducated! So biased and bigoted against low income and first generation communities and graduates who use student loans and PSLF to bring our communities up. They are free to make it impossible for us to get married, start businesses, own houses. We moved and spent thousands of dollars trying to find a job in the field, to no avail. I even declared bankrupcy where lawyer listed loan but did nothing else. It turned out over half of my loans didn't qualify for the Public Service Forgiveness Program as they weren't the correct type of loan. Countries that aren't as technologically, or even supposedly financially, as advanced as us such as Mexico and Cuba offer free education to their citizens. he received a phone call from a rep at bank of america that said they have a letter to release the finds to this berman and rabin to satisfy a student loan debt i have. From her publicly available testimony: "We were constantly pressured to deliver a minimum of two applications per week. See when I lived in a state where the cost of living was less the payment was less. I just lost my recent job; it wasn't in my industry but was the closest I had to a stable income. It came the same day as my insurance denials for covering the numerous injuries I sustained in the Boston Marathon bombing. I was interested in being on the swim team and I ended up going to Le Moyne without a scholarship. In fact I do not know if we can afford our home long term, because any raises I get at work only cause our loan payment to increase. The problem of escalating costs wasn’t solved, they just started providing fewer services with less effectiveness, and will down the line, blame it on the budget reduction. The interest is not going down, although I'm slowly* paying off my loans. I was desperate and wouldn't be able to stay in school without them. What they didn’t know was that families like ours needed to be much more proactive about paying for college. I could take a middle level management job, but the Student loan sharks would take the money if I made it. I really just want my kids to be happy and to know that one day, I can get out of this, but with the way the system is set up, I doubt if there will ever be a day when I don't have these crippling student loans. I have been unable to find full-time work, and the only two jobs that were full-time were late hires at schools with little chance for me to keep on top of all I was expected to do despite working seven days a week to catch up. I have concerns that I will not be able to support our child BECAUSE OF OUR STUDENT LOAN PAYMENTS. Since that was impossible in his job situation, he has defaulted on the loan. However, if we and our peers are perpetually burdened with debt, then we will be forced to send all of our money to banks and we will not be able to contribute to the economy in any way that matters. Contact Us Transparent process you get what you borrow, no hidden or origination fees. Maybe if I had been here earlier I would've been able to focus more on school work, get into AP classes, pass my SAT's with higher grades and win scholarships. I absolutely love my job and the people I serve, but it is tough to make ends meet on the pay. She said since my repayment history was immaculate, I stood an excellent chance of being approved for the release of the cosigner’s estate and that she would not suggest it if she did not think I would be approved. This is about protecting the future of higher education in our country- for everyone. Nine months roll by before I finally land a career position. When I saw that the payments I was making made no difference because I was being assessed late fees which almost doubled the original payment that was expected, I stopped paying on my loans altogether resulting in a defaulted loan and it was not long before my taxes returns were being taken. I was finally hired by a cable company for a minimum wage to start.

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after graduating I had to not only look for a job but I had to loose waight so I could have the surger to replace my knee other wise I would have ended up cripple and on disibility. This is not the same as attending the universities full time, not only are they lacking in their curriculum, but a degree from these programs, are not looked at favorably in the real world, even when they are from a well known university. I did present the theme of all of the questions, most were very close to the actual survey wording. I work as a behavioral specialist which is reliant on my clients keeping appointments so I can work. Skyrocketing tuition combined with reduced funding has left millions in need of financing their education through private banks. In an attempt to cut down on costs and loans, I got myself a tiny apartment off campus and a part-time retail job to help pay for my living expenses. The rating it seems has always been there, and more than likely will always be there. I applied twice for a discharge feeling that I was in fact deceived after learning what is now common knowledge about the colleges and its ultimate bailout by tge federal government. Now it too hard to keep up and my health is not the best. In my mind I believed if they have campuses all over and they are advertised frequently there has to be something good. When I asked him what my new interest rate would be, he did not answer directly. When I graduated from college I was hired to be a professor. The private loans have caused me headache after headache. These are the kids that could have been scientists and doctors one day and improved all our lives when we are old, but because of the predatory practices of for-profit schools like Westwood and student loan lenders, they will not. Sobek says the database also stated whether the job could be counted as "related" to their degree for the purpose of marketing job placement success rates to potential students. No matter how much they pay, they never seem to get ahead. Single mother raising three daughters, not making enough to make ends meet. I cannot afford to pay this tax bill all at once, but if it is not paid, the IRS can take money from my monthly disability check to pay the tax bill. But there is no way I can afford to pay back my student loan. At first everything seemed too good to be true, the person who helped me enroll in this school was extremely nice. Bill Clinton continued the betrayal when he signed the end of regulation of Wall Street , insurance companies and banks. We will never own a home or pay off our loans but I am proud that we will make a difference in this world and in the lives of people who have had a tragedy or feel lost or unloved. Graduation and our portfolio show were probably the biggest disappointments. It would be far better for the student as well as society, quite frankly, to work out a temporary arrangement of payment as opposed to indebting a person for the rest of their life and then ultimately charging society the full balance later when the debt is not paid off. That fall, I got my first student loan to cover costs for my expenses and my daughter starting college. I have tried to pay a little here and there, but just can't do this with all the other bills I have. My only saving grace is I am now working at a site and they have the student loan repayment for rural mental health and then it is a nonprofit and public service so will qualify for public service loan forgiveness. Understood since it is an educational loan to apply with guidelines of the federal loans. Payday loans you can pay back monthly. But in the meantime, anyone who needs help with Federal student loans should visit to see if the program can benefit them. In the meantime, I've still been frustrated in my efforts to obtain an administrative position. I worked part-time as a nanny and fell back on a certification I had earned for my part-time job during high school. I have to say that the rep was kind and said she too was even in the same boat as us and wish she had never went to school.

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I now have a suffocating debt that limits my ability to save for my kids' college tuition. However, the IBR for my federal loans has not been helpful because the IBR does not include the amount of money I'm spending on my private student loans each month. I am now looking for a third job just to pay my student loans. In my opinion,none of these schools are worth paying for as they are not teaching what is needed. I thought the more educated I was, the more financial stability I would have. However, student loans were still necessary to meet my tuition requirements. I am intelligent and had most of my associates degree finished before I graduated high school, all the while working part-time. I dont trust the govt anymore, dont trust the creditors and cannot afford to hire some one I might be able to trust. I discovered that additional employment opportunities were available if I went back to school.

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I would gladly give back my diploma for a partial or full refund as it is unlikely I will ever use the degree. I need help and know many others that need help paying off their students loans. They adjusted my monthly payment but didn't remove the bad marks from my credit of being late as they noted. But they have nice cars, they are able to afford to pay their cell phone bill. When we go to college we are promised all these things such as scholarships, good paying jobs, etc, but in reality that is only true for some, but NOT true for most. Now, I have few options and cannot declare bankruptcy like the rich and powerful. They will remind me that “I did not have to go to college” and that I need to pay. This is not how I ever imagined spending this phase of my life. By the time I graduated the tuition doubled, but it was still affordable

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