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But I went on to law school, and since I had remained in my hometown this whole time, living at home and saving living expenses, I decided to go out of state. Not because it wasn't great, but because I wasn't really mature enough to understand the consequences. This was an awful experience and they made us pay for an internship program for a lab that they owned. To be able to do the work I do, there was no choice about the education I needed to have. Not only that, my miy "Degree" is worthless, as many schools dont accept degrees from ITT. I am not being garnished, because they said I they did not receive my paperwork for my financial disclosure statement. Even though I currently make on-time payments, only a very small portion goes to my principal. I can't afford to buy a house; I have excellent credit, but my debt to income ratio is so disproportionate that I cannot get a loan. Instead they changed my credentials with Nelnet, placed my loan in forbearance numerous times and kept my payments. I tried contacting on their website to make payment arrangements, meanwhile my loan went into default. I went from working for a state government in high school, to retail after college. Leaving this job meant that I have been on several different types of deferments since then. Learning about the PSLF program made me feel so proud to be working a job that was clearly valued by society as demonstrated by the loan forgiveness that would come along with it. I'm delaying marriage and family with fears I'll never be able to have children because of these loans. But in the meantime, anyone who needs help with Federal student loans should visit to see if the program can benefit them. I pay my bills on time and in full and I try to keep debt to a minimum but it isn't easy. As a graduate student, I ran into some difficulties with the school; the department I was in closed and I was shifted into another one, and I was given a new thesis topic to start on.

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Additionally, I have a college degree in social work and I'm stuck working at a job I hate, because it was the only place that'll hire me and I'm really not making much money. I am not the only one who has been affected by my education. I was always told everything correct and there was no issue. Get loans with no credit check. Which means I've taken out money, paid for books and classes, then was unable to attend.being stuck with debt, but no degree to show for it. I told them I needed to see how these loans ballooned to the amount they are now. He now has SSI and dept of ed has put his loan in deferment for two yrs and watches to see if he takes out any more loans. My sibling is being smart and going to community college first on scholarship. When she did work she was unwilling to help me out with monthly payments. I think I have a right to not have to do business like this. At first I scoffed at the idea but then realized that it's true. I worked part-time as a nanny and fell back on a certification I had earned for my part-time job during high school. No credit check personal loans in canada. If anything is to get better, people of this school must unite and become organized with their strategy. About five months ago, they started garnishing my wages at the county – with no notice or right to a hearing. with that in mind going to a local college was cheaper and meant that we would receive more financial aid. I have been working in educational institutions that I love, but my "consolidated" loans only seem to be four loans held by one company and haven't been able to be lessened so I pay them all at once. But hey, I probably could have made a decent living. It is important to note that I immediately reported these actions to the supervisor I had at the time, who promised to discuss this with the head of the department.

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I then changed my major to Wildlife Biology which added a year. The monthly payment is impossible, like a mortgage payment. Otherwise you're stuck trying to pay loans for a career you don't have. Thank goodness I do not have dependents or a spouse. We need help, this is not just my story, my friends who graduated from college are also going through the same struggles. I was told that you are not able to discharge the loans through bankruptcy. So, every semester I went to the financial aid office and got my package, nobody there explained the difference between federal and private loans or asked me what my career plan was to ensure I would ever be able to pay off the rating. Lower the interest rates and you will boost the economy.

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She had opened a letter that happened to be a student loan debt offer from a bank. I accrued some credit card debt, but what really pushed my financial picture over the edge was the hefty payments I was making toward my student loan. When I was thinking I was about to pay for all my loans, I am told NO, separate loans. I've worked a lifetime and still plan on working a few more years. I was told after being there for sixteen months and completing the Criminal Justice course work that I would earn an Associate’s degree. I somehow feel duped by the system that has turned education into a boon for the business man and a bust for the "student" it is suppose to be serving. Flash forward it's time to graduate and I'm defeated. They will do all this while refusing to make it possible for me to live my life and pay off my loan. I do not have a car, tv, cable, or internet at home. I stayed in school and worked as much as I could handle. She has made her monthly payments on time for the last several years, too. I want to be a productive member of society and put money back into the economy, but unfortunately I cannot do that. I continued my education to get my Masters so that I could actually obtain a job. I have always worked, even at low paying jobs just to keep from being homeless. I explored federal programs, such as the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program, that provided relief for teaching in impoverished areas. I have tried absolutely everything humanly possible to stop the madness as this is severe loan sharking. So rather than file a complaint, my family and I rationalized. This poor business practice has to stop with student loans and the banks. I have felt suicidal over my debt at various times throughout my life post-college. One such student explains: I was not informed that your accreditation had been lost before I had signed my contract. I think we should start at the hague and its definition of human rights that people should be able to attend school without harassment. My heart is aching and paining know I have reach my goal but cannot touch it until I get the money to get it. My husband and I made the decision for me to go to college as we are self employed and my degrees are my security if the business ever went south. This stresses me out to the point of being nearly suicidal, don't think I will ever go that far, but I hate what this is doing to me. In so many cases, even if you have a job, it is very difficult to live and save with the salaries that they are paying today. Education is good, and I don't regret learning how to work hard and stick to something, but it is a myth that education will guarantee u a job. I finally decided it might be time to declare bankruptcy. When I became of age and was phased out of foster care, I was suddenly on my own, homeless, with no family or anyone to help or guide me. With unemployment rate as high as it is we need to focus on educating people and getting them back to work. It breaks my heart that my Granddaughter is going to be deeply in debt by the time she finishes. I'm very grateful that I can work and that I am employed, but the spirit of this policy is wrong in my opinion. I reside with my parents because I, financially, can not live on my own. i want to go to graduate school but the thought of adding to this debt has held me back. I will never be able to pay off my loans with the interest rates as high as they are and my salary being what it is. I now tell my students to not attend college unless it's being paid for by something other than loans. I raised him by myself in affordable housing, developed a career in child care, and lived partly on public benefits. The promise of everything I had ever wanted was so close that I could taste it. I live in a community that is a majority Hispanic and Caucasian.

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I spoke with a representative and she said that the letter was only a threat and that my loans were not going to collections. I have been able to make all my payments okay, but only just barely.

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By the time I took my internships I found I had no passion for the work. I had major neuro surgery, and now cannot afford to see my doctors or pay for medications. I don't know much about payment options and Assistance programs. I was told over & over again that if I went to college I would get help finding a career job, get a high paying job, be successful, I would become SOMEONE. There have been instances where this change in my requested payment plan went unnoticed by me for many months. I hit a small hiccup because in order to qualify for Financial Aid I needed my mothers Tax history. My degree was in Psychology and so I was anxious to get out into the world and help people and contribute to the community. Please to all young people looking to taking out student loans PLEASE consider other options because this can definitely become a trap to keep you from thriving. Needless to say, short of winning the lotto, I will never pay this debt off. I called the Dept of Education and found out that what I had been told was correct- none of my years of public service counted because I did not have the right kind of loan and could only get that kind of loan through consolidation. I even discussed it with the college if it was in my best interest to go and they said yes, I would make a lot more money and would have more than enough to pay off their loans. I spent eleven years of effort on a career only to see it implode before my very eyes. But that very thing is the cause of great stress and struggle in my life. While I was employed and was paying the loan down, the balance barely changed. With two college educated brothers, a parent working on her bachelors and another parent working on his associates, I was confident that this was the right choice.

I knew I would not make a lot of money in the field I chose but I never expected to struggle to pay bills as much as I do. Direct payday loan lenders for bad credit. Director position at a major public university in Michigan. Even when I graduated from school, I couldn’t find work as a lawyer anywhere. Which is what I felt I could afford, they told me that once I began making regular payments, I would begin the process of loan rehabilitation. I am still under employed and I have no health insurance not retirement. I pay my monthly payment the best I can do each month from my Social Security check. This really hit my grades hard being unable to focus on my school work constantly worried and affected logistically by the situation. Great Lakes locked out Processing Services and setup a new login for me, but nothing in writing as to what happens now several months later. I graduated years ago from a good university in San Francisco with a BA in Art and Communication. NO ONE will refinance me as I do not have a college degree. professional, but as a master's level professional - which makes it impossible to make my Ph.D. I was never told that my age, my unemployment status, and my previous education would be a huge deterrent to getting a job.

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I worked retail about a year and I decided I'd had enough. Millions of young people, due to America’s deindustrialization, began being funneled to colleges and Universities as the BA became the new high school diploma. Payday credit loans. Our children are in so much debt because of the interest rate, can they get on with their own lives. Later on in life I decided to go to a junior college to try and make a career for myself being tired of doing odd jobs, when I try to get my classes I was faced with a student loan debt that had more than doubled in size and the only way to move forward was to have the federal student loans dept. Then came our first child followed a couple years later by me getting Leukemia. I lost my job at the beginning of this year and have not been able to get one that would allow me to pay my tuition and still afford the cost of living. Each time it's sold the company that buys it adds on thousands of dollars in interest. The more "far-fetched" solutions seem to be the right ones. Of course, they denied ever telling me abou the locked-in payment. Large financial corporations are making hand over fist on our backs. So they can garnish, lean your property and take your income tax with no investigation or court hearing. My loans just came out of deferment and I'm already behind. That will be a horrible reality and is very troubling. My student loan payments take up what I would be paying for rent and utilities. When I returned to work my department chair & dean told me that my contract would not be renewed because I did not do my job. I had co-signed on a car, I paid my rent and bills on time, and I even had credit cards I was paying as well as money left over to save for nice things I needed. I spoke with various accountants and lawyers and they all said "you will never be able to pay this off no matter what you do" So, I decided to leave the profession I was not enjoying and try out another one. I managed to finish my first couple of years of college being carried on scholarships and government funding but naturally that dried up. In the meantime my credit is destroyed and I continue to rent an apartment rather than build a future and stability for my child. Higher education provides the perfect environment for capitalists to squeeze out profit. BUT I think there are problems inherent in the system

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