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I left Tennessee thinking I had broken from a cycle of poverty, that I had overcome the tragedies that afflicted my family so deeply and so terribly, and now I look back over how things ended up and I can't help but feel like I have been playing in a system that was gamed this entire time. So, silly me, I thought I needed a higher degree to get the job I desired. I don't really have any options at this point beyond default. I get panic attacks looking at these loans and wondering how I am ever going to repay them. I work fulltime and pay for both myself and child's healthcare monthly. I won scholarships and had a bit set aside by my parents. I wasn't prepared for a community college to offset some of the cost while I made up my mind. But no, I’m just a hard working American who felt that a lifelong dream of getting an education was worth the expense. My credit score is low because of previous student loans that I haven't paid and an emergency surgery that I needed to save my life. Everytime I called the student loan company for help because I couldn't make a payment, I was put on some kind of program that essentially added more interest to my loan. I am scared for my life because I will not be able to pay for the other things I need in my life. Since, I have a passion for teaching, I sincerely thought that going to school to become a teacher would allow me the opportunity to at least survive while enjoying what I do in my community. Thereafter, I sought discovery from the DOE concerning their collection agents activities. There is no way ill ever be able to pay it off in my lifetime, all for schooling in which i cannot use what i learned.


I would like to be able to handle this situation however do not know how to go about doing this. Most of the people in the program were already teachers, or had the most desirable of backgrounds, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, or STEM. I borrowed more than I needed because I needed a new car to commute to school and the fixed interest on a federal student loan was lower than the interest I would have gotten at a car dealership. I was able to defer some of my payments because of my work. These servicers of these loans are legal loan shakers. When my loans went into payback mode, they wanted a house payment so I put myself on the IBR plan. Yet I did not know I would struggle with the error of a rejection until the end of the summer. One startling college the other starting her junior year of high school. At one point when a bad relationship ended I went to NY for a few weeks and then came back and stayed in the Catholic Worker House until I could save up enough for a deposit somewhere. Now not sure what to do Just keep looking for a tech Job and hope I get one before Owe so much money on my schooling I will never make enough to pay it off. The program is a joke: they never intended anyone to get forgiveness. I don't know if I will ever be able to crawl out of the whole I've dug myself in. I am asking for an interest rate that could make my principal balance be feasible to pay off in my life time. I would like someone to help me with this interest, remove some of it and the payment would be more palatable. Myself on the other hand, hopes of getting married again with this debt is low. The whole reason I needed my education was to teach here and make a difference. Even prior to entering the program, I frequently heard that earning a master's degree would lead to a high paying position. I have tried to pay a little here and there, but just can't do this with all the other bills I have. I earned slightly more than minimum wage, working less than thirty hours with no benefits. I was the first in my family who finished high school and wanted to go to college. I was able to start at a group home, then moved to a substance abuse facility and now i am working at a non-profit mental health agency. It seems to me if all student loan debtors formed a group and collectively bargained with Fedloans to renegotiate loan terms the lender would be forced to participate. If I had credit cards and was paying them on time every month, the credit card companies would not be able to harass me over a dead cosigner. Although I obtained many scholarship, they were not enough to keep my cost of attending a public college to a minimum. And reading these testimonies of others who studied for a very well-paying in-demand job are stuck paying loans for most of their lives. I told them "no" because I have the money to pay just work with me on the amount. How will I ever be able to do this and my life will not ever be what I wanted in my later years. We were both sold on the belief that it would pay off in the end. I spend my summers working a second job and am considering leaving teaching because I cannot afford to live like this. My conclusion: I will spend the rest of my retirement as a pauper – a hell of a way to go out after all those years of good service to others. The debtors would be good risks for the lenders because they would be trading a much higher student loan debt amount and monthly payment for a lesser amount. As a graduate student, I ran into some difficulties with the school; the department I was in closed and I was shifted into another one, and I was given a new thesis topic to start on. After one year I was unhappy with my selected major and new I had to make a change. It's not an excuse, but the job hours did affect my grades. I have an idea and I want to launch a social media platform to see if there is substantial interest. Therefore, I have found myself, again, paying more than is required of me, and not having those payments count in my favor. I did not finish there because i ended up getting pregnant and the reality of standing up on my feet all day did not comfort me.

Clair Shores, MI    I spent years on obtaining my goal to become a librarian, obtaining a Master’s degree and working up to an Asst. My family couldn't help pay a thing toward college, and I was the first in generations to apply. I have actually ran so late on my bills trying to pay my loan payments that they have shut off my power and my water. It's a scam, it's a problem, and it's a crime how the schools in this country give large sums of money to irresponsible and immature teenagers in college expecting them to manage the money like a responsible grown adult would. There is no way i can repay such loans with the money I make here.

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Wanting to remain in the field of community mental health, I knew I would need an advanced degree to make a decent living. When faced with the cuts, our administrators used the “crisis” to eliminate my own position as well as those of two directors who pushed for efficiency like myself. I'm currently working a job that is barely above minimum wage, my car has been repossessed and I get daily threats from bill collectors that I'll be evicted from my apartment, my drivers license suspended, and my already low wages garnished. I did my best to get a career so I could take care of him and help him through life and college but now I'm drowning in debt.

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My loans are nearly the amount of my rent, and the reason my husband and I rent as opposed to owning a home, is because of my poor credit in defaulting twice on my student loans. Donald Trump's budget cuts will increase the percentage of income that will make up my IBR and, more importantly, will extend the number of years I will be paying off my loans before they are forgiven. I am the head of my household providing rent, utilities, car note, insurance, and all the basic necessities of life that I can afford. I am not trying to get away with not paying this rating, but there are times that we just can't always pay what we owe because of life's little curves we get handed. But I went on to law school, and since I had remained in my hometown this whole time, living at home and saving living expenses, I decided to go out of state. There were constant instances of the school just telling us to use the online tutorials to complete our projects instead of actually teaching us anything. Wells fargo visa cash advance fee. I have found no help an big University are not providing a future they are robbing people of one.

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I paid on my student loans for years until my husband left. For many years since we only had one income due to our disabled child, we didn't have to pay anything. the biggest reason why they did not do anything outside of the school is they all knew about the loss of accreditation and if any student was to leave for a so called field trip it was raise suspicion to the head office im just guessing at this point but im sure that im right. I am forced into a worse financial situation and I never authorized any of this! I am not looking for a ton of money. Nor did I understand what they would do to my future. They aren't even willing to listen to my dispute, even when it's put in writing. None the less, I have always made some type of payment. I met my fiance there and moved in with him shortly after. Instead they changed my credentials with Nelnet, placed my loan in forbearance numerous times and kept my payments. By the time I was nearing the end - writing and defending my dissertation - I had come too far to stop, yet that didn't stop the delays of quarter after quarter of paid tuition as I waited for dissertation committee members to read my work, meet, or approve changes. On top of that, in order to receive pay increases, advance degrees are also needed but not paid for by the school systems. Wise words from a New York City High School teacher. I thought, maybe this is the way out of my crazy mother's house.

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from International Psychology to International Development, and lost all my credits, forcing me to start over. Congress did not provide any solutions for borrowers who are stuck with a joint consolidation loan. We am now in a place where I can try to pay back but they are already taking our wages and taxes because we are both in default. I hope all the policies will be the same since the transfer to the new company, but I read that I have to stay on top of them to make sure. She had been a victim of the economy and depression resulting from my father's death. I used the benefits available to me the way they were intended to be used and I'm forever thankful for them. My student loan debt has and will continue to haunt me. This has been enough to live well or at least survive here. My passion is doing hair but i cannot continue that education because my loans are holding me back. As a country we can no longer tolerate capitalisms insatiable thirst for commodity, education must be off limits! As an adult, I look back at my journey to this insurmountable rating and see I was destined for this from the jump. I'll be stuck paying a debt I've already paid, and then some, all because someone screwed up. What they don't tell you is that even though you didn't request to go on to this in-school deferment, now that you are, once you are done with your deferment, no matter what, all the accrued interest will be capitalized on to your account even if you went back on to the IBR payment plan. So now, I'm in the Administrative review phase with New York Higher Education, who is now in possession of my federal loans. For the sake of privacy I have changed names, but it should be noted, we all share the same last name, which was being uses by both of us at every point in our conversation. Regulations were dropped on all student loans and even though interest rates fell on everything else, not on Student loans. clearly has something else in mind and I wasted this entire quarter and a fair portion of last quarter. My husband and I have gone through months of couples counseling and therapy to work through this together. A person who was part of a vulnerable population, made so by the failures of systems who did nothing when help was needed, and who bullied and berated a victim suffering from ptsd instead of help. I’m stuck with amount of rating I cannot pay under any circumstances. Thankfully, the debt collectors have respected the law and stop harassing me when I tell them to. Our children are in so much debt because of the interest rate, can they get on with their own lives. All I wanted was a degree that would get me a reliable job. I made great friends right away so I decided to stay anyway. But much to my surprise, it was something much more severe, which I would later on find out. I had over five of the ten years needed in that program. I have a very good job that pays the bills, but it is not the career I wanted. Bill Clinton continued the betrayal when he signed the end of regulation of Wall Street , insurance companies and banks. My family was into drugs my older brother had already been to juvenile detentions, in and out of jail and now he's in prison. Heald promises their students jobs for life, and I never received much help from them. I explained that I could not afford to pay out-of-state tuition; I was not going to register for classes when the deadlines for financial aid and residency-reclassification had passed. We also worked our way up and now have very good paying jobs. Occasionally, I am forced to travel for work for training, seminars, etc. I've spent hours trying to figure out if I should overlay the loans just to make a dent in the interest or what to put aside when it's "forgiven" and seen as income that tax year. I feel like my dream is dead, I have failed my family, and my ambitions and determination have quite literally ruined my life. I am a single parent, and without PSLF I will be stuck in debt forever. Basically, each quarter they receive a Fed Ex envelope with all the VA students’ money. When I couldn't afford it at all my account went delinquent. During these times I was screamed at, harrassed, and threatened, everytime my income taxes were taken. It was MY decision to finish what I started; I didn’t want him to continue to take from me and going back to school helped me heal faster. I do plan on going back to finish but the thought of applying for fafsa and it not being able to help me with tuition scares me. Growing up my parents told me that school was for people who had money so try to work and get a job. Please take my experience as a cautionary tale, or you can end up like me………….Married, cannot afford kids or a house, with no future. What ever increase in income he attains will be eaten up by the loan rating. Each year part of the premiums collected have to go to a "reserve" which is used as an emergency fund. But hey, I probably could have made a decent living. Don't get me wrong, we live comfortably, always have food on the table and can go out to dinner or and rent a movie occasionally but I urge young adults looking into college to seriously consider and TRULY understand the cost implications of college. Coworkers and other I interact with at work, say I'm the cleanest, sharpest dressed homeless person they know.hahaha. I am highly skilled, award-winning journalist, who is stuck in a job working as a nanny + dinner server for a nyc reporter in order to keep ahead of my monthly loan payments. I married early, started school, took out any loan possible to help pay for college while working a full time job to keep my family a float. My step mom ended up cosigning for the last portion of my loan with Sallie Mae. My loans just came out of deferment and I'm already behind

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