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Still working at the same job and can't find a job in my field. They also recruited two students with felonies into my same class. If I am not able to work out a satisfactory repayment plan with Direct Loans, I will be forced to leave academia in order to go into the private sector.

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I am now a straight A full time student and a new mom. If my student loans were forgiven, that would be a huge load off my back. I have attempted to obtain additional part-time employment, without success. Now they want the WHOLE balance! I met another wonderful man at my SECOND job. It\'s bothered me for a very long time, but I encourage everyone on this site to focus on the positives. There has to be a point when these loans are capped, and to have accredited universities charge fairly, especially in their extension classes. I hope my second daughter will someday be able to go to college, too, but she will have to borrow money, since I cannot help her. It feels good to have a way to work hard and make payment on this debt that I used to feel so hopeless about.

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After losing her Ford Explorer to the wrath of Sandy, she had to buy another car and is now struggling to make car payments and insurance in addition to the student loan payments. The feelings of economic insecurity from the debt hanging over my head have been severely detrimental to my life. Therefore, instead of helping me pay off my student debt, this company created a new debt with interest. I am an educator by heart, working everyday, full-time and I have a difficult time meeting the basic needs of life. Cash advance concord ca. My wages were garnished from every job, despite the embarrassment, it was cheaper for me to allow Sallie Mae to garnish than to pay the amount that was demanded from the bill collectors. I wish debt relief for everyone who is struggling to make ends meet because they were victimized by Everest/Corinthians College. The news about the education budget is terrifying me. Get a good paying job, marry and live the American Dream. I took out student loans to get my BA but still couldn't find a job, so I went for an MA. So if it is possible can you please give me any kind of information that can help me in this difficult situation, thank you. One reason I choose ASU was because they were the cheapest in state tuition at the time. During most of those years, I was a single mom of four living on my teacher wages. There were no programs that they would offer to reduce the amount they required per month. I want the best life possible for my family and for the many other families all suffering because they to were betrayed by the educational system. I had an interest in computers and the recruiter advised me of the Computer Networking degree. They told us that we did not have to pay it back, that they would take it off the back end of our benefits. I reside with my parents because I, financially, can not live on my own. I went to college for theater, cause I honestly love being creative and it was the one thing that felt right to me. I was looking for any way out like bankruptcy but based on my research I found out that there is no bankruptcy for student loans. The loan there is a higher interest and payment than any of my loans were with Nelnet, so there was no financial improvement in refinancing my loans. Consequently, our daughter also relied heavily on student loans. If I weren't paying as much per month, I could actually afford a new car since my current one is breaking me every few months and I'm in medical debt up to my eyeballs. He is high functioning but still needed assistance to thrive. We never received any sort of education about the loans, and we never received counsel about the ways the loans would compound after graduation. At that point, he had to continue in school or he wouldn’t be able to pay the loans he already had taken out. I quickly realized working for myself, running a business was not possible. Of course I want the best for my child but this was over the top. I spent a lot of money on my display because we were sold the line that employers would show up and hire students on the spot. My mother and I did not even realize that we were taking out multiple loans with high interest rates because they never explained that there were caps to those loan amounts. Today's job market requires an education beyond high school as our local districts simply don't have the resources to teach real job skills any more. I even went on to get my associates and was trying to get my bachelors when the economy fell. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program instituted PSLF for Federal Direct Student Loans, including Federal Direct Consolidation Loans. When I finished my degree, I found out I was pregnant all about the same time and was under stress. now I am working a job that I hate and has nothing to do with my degree and even though I make decent money it is still not enough to pay all of my student loans. Two other people were persuaded to study to be dental hygienists. Luckily, i am having help with tuition and no longer need student loans. The government has made all kinds of provisions to students who become teachers, doctors, lawyers or any govt service employee but there is zero out there for the millions of other employed Americans in fincance, retail, etc. I have persevered through much financial hardship throughout my undergraduate and graduate careers. Please vote against raising the interest rate on student loans. I just knew one thing, getting my bachelor's was paramount to living the life they had dreamed for me. The problem is there only going after my husband and not her. But they have nice cars, they are able to afford to pay their cell phone bill. I stay stressed out on a continue basis trying to figure out how I can even BEGIN to start paying these loans back. I had some savings, but not much since I spent a number of years aggressively paying off some of the debt that I did have. Trying to keep a roof over my head, food in my mouth and the bare essentials to live. I should be graduating this term but now looks like I will have to extend for the fourth time. I've spent many years trying to get help from Sallie Mae, now Navient. Cash advance loans reviews. Even at Wal-Mart, I am forced to pay extremely high prices to eat the foods recommended by the U.S. I remember some of his earlier comments about my topic. I thought consumers had the right to transparency and that creditors had to prove that we owed what they are asking. I am not asking that my rating be forgiven entirely. To do something no one in my family ever did get a degree. I cannot not teach High-school because I do not have the necessary certificates to do so. The more "far-fetched" solutions seem to be the right ones. I heard my father flew out and colluded with them on this. i was stuck with needles and went through countless tests and failed treatments. my biggest fear is that if and when i'm able to retire they will garnish my social security if i don't get them under control. After college, I was lucky to have a stringer position for a paper.I didn\\\'t get paid much at all, not even for gas - I just got paid per photo. I had consolidated my loans this was not an option for me with Sallie Mae. For years before the Income Based Repayment came into play we took high interest forbearances while he was unemployed/underemployed because it was the only way to address the high loan payment on a single income. Of course I couldn't afford to live on campus, so commuting two hours each way was my only option. After years in poverty, in and out of being homeless, I was able to attend community college again. Alot more regarding my private loans and events that took place after getting pregnant that contributed to an increase in my loans. I noticed that while I was abroad the students from developed countries such as Switzerland, Russia, the UK, and others did not have to take on massive debt in order to graduate in a degree for their careers. I just cannot understand why the Federal Government is making it so difficult for borrowers to pay back their loans. Occasionally, I am forced to travel for work for training, seminars, etc. School consumed my life and I took pride in my work. Stay strong, be positive and find ways to live your future. This has not just affected me, but my parents as well. The government didn't seem to have any idea how to help me pay for school so I used Federal Student loans. Throughout all of those years, money I would have spent in the local economy on durable consumer goods/house supporting ALL the jobs those industries create, got nothing from me because Sallie Mae took it all. Next thing I knew I was in handcuffs and hauled away to a mental institution. It turned out that, even though I was being paid higher than the average salary for a veterinarian, I wasn't able to afford the payments on my loans. These jobs don't pay much of anything, so I was in deferment once again. That resulted in another move across country to another site where I did finally get it all completed. i want to go to graduate school but the thought of adding to this debt has held me back. When my husband and I tried desperately to take a small personal loan out for a new apartment we were denied due our credit. It is because young Americans can not afford to buy homes with the debt that they have accrued. After a couple of years I found a job in my field of study. My credit is destroyed and there are not enough high paying jobs. I never thought that by wanting and education I was signing my life away. I’m not asking for all my student rating to be forgiven.

Then I got a call from another department in Van Ru Collections about the loans with judgements. I take pride in what I've done and today I stand very firm for what is right and I will NOT tolerate the futile displays of the scam that is upon us any further! For those who don’t want to take action, go ahead. I went to an affordable undergraduate school so I have very small loans from that. If I could change anything about my life, I would never have gone to grad school and may have thought twice about undergraduate school. Yet, every year, thousands of kids across the country do. Provident payday loans. I didn’t have much time to seriously consider the consequences of co-signing the loan because my brother had waited until the last minute to ask me – if I didn’t co-sign his loan that day, he would miss out on being able to register for the next quarter. Go to college, get a loan if tuition is not affordable.

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So, silly me, I thought I needed a higher degree to get the job I desired. Something needs to change, as it seems like this has become the new predatory lending scheme. My credit score has dropped substantially to the point where I am unable to even try and apply for a credit card, car or apartment. I do plan on going back to finish but the thought of applying for fafsa and it not being able to help me with tuition scares me. I eventually made a decision to make a career change to a completely different job field in healthcare and had to take over a ½ salary pay cut. just as i am now trying to get my life on track it seems almost hopeless because of my student debt now added to hospital debt. Everyday I am so thankful I met him because if it weren't for him, I never would be able to pay these loans. Don't you think we should ensure a good education for all. I paid regularly for a couple of years, and then found it necessary to go into deferment because I could not afford the monthly payment and still make ends meet. I had a child with him, keeping me from making my payments further more. School is a debt trap for those not fortunate enough to get grants or scholarships or help from family members. We finally gave up and let them garnish the little amount of money she made from a part time job for disabled people. Bowen “The Florida Supreme Court recently ruled on a monumental case that will allow lenders to refile foreclosure actions that were previously involuntarily dismissed, even though the five-year statute of limitations has run on the prior default.” Check Out Attorney Bowen’s Book. I contacted them in April, placed my loan in forbearance and requested a fraud investigation into how I ended up with a loan I never signed for and never authorized. I owe Thousands of dollars to a for profit college and got a certification I can never use because of the school I had attended for eight months. OR: NO INTEREST on any of those teachers' or my loans! I was told that there would be good jobs if you went to college.

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I have now tried to go back to school a few times; each time, ending up back in the hospital before classes even start. I am very computer savvy so I know how to search the internet, and unless you are exremely poor, have suffered an unbearable life, or are building up a third world country, there just aren't that many opportunities out there. We had no idea at all about how college finances worked or that other payment options existed. I get phone calls everyday harassing me to pay.I can barely afford to survive how am I supposed to pay off that kind of debt. A fresh start from student debt and a thank you for my public service. These bill collectors don't want to hear are story. Our country states that education is the key, but they do nothing to support it! Just look at the number of executives who not only do not have higher education, but only obtained their position based upon their connections. Due to these absences I received a failing grade and was kicked out of the graduate program with no chance to redeem myself. When Career Education Corporation needed “admissions advisors” they'd ask the staffing agency for salespeople. I was wrong the servicing company have the right to put the money where they deem necessary and that was the daily accumulating interest. But I still have to file all this paperwork, all the time, with my loan companies. The bills started coming again and I asked what other options there were. My student loans defaulted, I lost my car and my one low-balance credit card -- none would work with me although I had disability that would pay AFTER I returned to work

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