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Needless to say, nowhere along the lines did anyone explain to me, nor was I warned in all the FAFSA reading I did- that I would run out of money even before completing my first bachelors degree. There should be some way for persons in my situation to have their loans forgiven. Currently, I'm working in a different field because I can't get a job in what I studied in NYC without my MA Certificate. I got the good grades, didn't get any scholarships from my hard work. Since I changed majors, all the classes that I had in vascular technology didn't apply to my career, and I started paying more money to take psychology classes since I wanted to go into psychology. I think that the government should cut us slack if we have excellent credit and have maintaiined for a certain period of time. Turns out my degree is worthless because I cannot find a job running a livable wage my house has been foreclosed and I am homeless have a car but cannot afford to drive it because of the ridiculously high insurance rates. Don't think any of your forms have been entered in as received. It's soul crushing knowing that even if I can turn this health thing around and find a decent job that I'm still beholden to this much debt that I can't see ever getting above in my lifetime, part of which should not be mine. I feel we have no future for ever getting out of rating. Travel Buying a House Starting a Family Donating to non-profits Getting a Master's degree The list goes on and on Let me be CLEAR. I wanted a career that I could gain a steady income and no longer be on the verge of starvation. All I got from them were links to websites where I could have applied for security positions in banks, hospitals, and other businesses where security was required. When I'm unable to pay when I retire they will probably garnish my social security. I would like someone to help me with this interest, remove some of it and the payment would be more palatable. I think it is sad that i am SCARED to go to college. I have paid everything else ontime for the rest of the year, but my credit has been ruined by Navient, who lied and said nothing had been reported to my credit agency. I live modestly in Chicago, which has the highest sales taxes in the U.S. I am a social worker working for a lesser wage in public service who borrowed for graduate school and I am essentially relying on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program to retire this debt. They went over my transcripts and gave me news I didn’t expect to hear. And because I am ashamed of my status quo, it's important to admit, I am living in a homeless shelter. When I took out my loan, NOTHING was explained to me. The students I did NOT get to help need protection from this predatory perversion of "higher education." Please support the regulations that would provide this. Around this time my dad decided to use this as a way to regain power over me and we would spend weeks in battles about things I needed to apply for college which he would refuse to give me or sign. College is not the only way "out" and for many people its not necessarily the right decision. A few years ago, I personally counseled a student who succumbed to high-pressure sales tactics. Politicians should become aware of the dire circumstances this country has because of these loans. I had to sell my vehicle because I couldn't afford to make both payments. Even with five dependents and going through a very contentious divorce, I went on to earn the school's president's award every semester. My anxiety disorder made it extremely easy for my parents to convince me I didn't know what I wanted, and they took advantage of that. Makrigeorgis viewed my work as rich with potential because of the attention it has been receiving. All companies that I've applied to have gotten back to me and said UOP is not an accredited school to them. I ask them to reflect, in writing, what their goals are for getting the most out of the investment they're making in their educations. Also, it didn't hurt that I was in foster care as a kid. Yes, I signed up for it, but I didn't know how much it would prevent me from doing what I wanted to do in life. I've considered getting a bunch of credit cards and paying them all off and then declaring bankruptcy because that is the only viable way I can think of paying it off. I am subject to multiple variable interest rates even among loans with the same company. Go Ai! I have a PhD in psychology, but because it is from a non APA accredited university, insurance companies do not reimburse me as a Ph.D. The reviewer of my dissertation draft, by the capitalized comments, appears to have not read the dissertation to know this. Last year, I retired and began receiving social security, and living on a “fixed” income. I had private/extra loans that I just will have to pay back. She responded with a nasty tone, and said, "You just had the interview, give it a few days". We do not receive any form of public assistance at this time. Payday loans nevada. The amount of Americans that have had their dreams crushed due to debilitating amounts of student loan debt is staggering. At that time I was faced with what would be the inevitable certainty of having to resort to the public assistance programs to survive. I feel also students may not understand that when their loans are forgiven it is counted as taxable income this does worry me. Borrowers expect their lender to guide them through getting their account where it needs to be to qualify for the programs they offer. They never asked for a portfolio, but were encouraged by my love of art. During that time, I moved to several apartments, and my mail took a while to get to me. I was in corporate America and lost my job due to the company moving out of state. I reapplied for school a year after my first semester. Further, without the ability to save for a home, marriage, etc.the United States will be in a really dangerous economic position while the rest of the world educates their students for free. I looked into a couple options and having checked out a school that specified in my field I took a chance on a online school that MANY of my teachers had recommended. My feeling is the interest rates for education loans should not be that high.

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My daughters mother decided to leave me and left me with my daughter , my job left soon after. And yet, I could not find full-time work that would make a dent in the monies I owed for my education. I submitted that documentation in June and I'm still waiting for them to reinstate my payments. And while neither of us came from a wealthy family, many borrowers today have it tougher than we did. He told me to come find him on day one and he would help me acclimate to the school. I can't move out because I can't even afford to save. The lawyer said some judge decided one year before that SL interest could no longer be frozen and there was no grandfathering.

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After I graduated I got a job at Florida State University as a contract employee. Though I learned a great deal, and am proud of having achieved that doctoral degree, I'm a bit ambivalent about that investment. Cash advance illinois. It seemed like he thought that he should be a coauthor.

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My family suffered because I was only able to get minimum wage jobs. To do something no one in my family ever did get a degree. I feel I was not given adequate information or service from VSAC when I was with them. I feel like I"m being thrown off the edge of a cliff. I am sending it back to you, members of Congress, Mr. because I got behind on my loan my credit report became negative for any job application. I am currently in Unemployment Deferment, and see no end in sight. However, due to my spouse being laid off a few times and unexpected hospital stays for family over the past several years, there have been times I have had to put my loans in deferment. Everyone has hopes and dreams that when they get out of college they will land that dream job, buy that dream house, and buy a dream car. Because of my debt I was forced to give up a fulfilling and potentially lucrative career for the kind of job I went to college to avoid. I literally have no money and I never finished school. They will tell you whatever you want to hear to get your signature at the bottom of that enrollment form. degrees in Architecture right around the time when the Great Recession was in full swing. And the Florida legislature does nothing but turn blind I because of lazyness and lobby money.

I had nowhere else to turn to help pay for school besides federal stafford loans. I weighed my tuition costs vs future earning potential. I actually believe in the education I managed to get out of some of my professors. If I could go back and change things, I would have asked more alumni about their success rate upon leaving the school. I did not have kids because I ddn't want them burdened with my debt.

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If you go into human services, you obviously aren't going to be making as much in your career as someone who becomes a lawyer or an international businessperson. When I look to the future I still see myself working and paying student loans. I had to put my loans into forbearance, but it wasn't long enough because after a year I was still not fully employed, and had exhausted my savings and unemployment benefits. Immediately, I was contacted to begin making payments -- the amount of which was far too much for me to afford. due to some health issues I got behind on payments and eventually was only able to pay interest. I didn't have parents to tell me otherwise nor did anyone in my immediate family really go to college for any length of time let alone finish a degree. Needless to say, I ran them up quickly that first year, and doubled my debt. I fear it's a viscous cycle for me and now my children. If that had happened, I would not have taken so much loan money. If I knew then, what I know now, I would never, EVER EVER EVER have gotten a single student loan. I cannot even afford to pay interest on monthly basis. I contacted them in June and they said I had to file documentation in order to have my loans taken out of a deferment that I didn't ask for. OVER SIX YEARS OF PAYMENTS! We can barely support our family as it is. The homework was silly and mostly made up of opinions and go to this website busy work. I can always remember my parent's encouragement as I grew up, "study hard, get into a good school so you can make money and live, "happily ever after." I can't tell you how many times over the past seven years if my, "happily ever after" will come. Both times I was assured by college staff that my sacrifice and investment would generate a lifelong return in higher paying career opportunities. I grew up understanding that our government was elected by the people, acted for the people, and served at the will of the people. We were constantly told that as photographers, we should make sure we were only breaking one law at a time if it meant getting the right shot. I continuously research stocks, financial markets, and ways to increase my return rates. UC quarter college calendar does not match east coast student loan semester calendar reporting requirements just prior to automatic reporting and internet based system we have today. Maybe you've heard about the cost of living in Seattle. I recently ran out of options in May, and as a result, my loans are now several months past due and delinquent. Then the economy crashed, and I was unable to find a well paying job. Our son was healthy and finished his university education with good grades. I said to myself, everyone goes to the college so I should as well so I can have "better future." AND THIS WAS MY BIGGEST MISTAKE I made so far in life that I regret.

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I feel cheated that the government almost doubled my loans on me while I was in residency. Maybe the program isn't perfect but it should be adjusted, not scrapped entirely and those who are already working towards forgiveness certainly should not loose the program. My forbearance is ending and the amount of money that I will be forced to pay under the IBR or ICR will literally leave me with no “cushion” at the end of the month. of Education and the government had my back and were providing a way for me to stick with my profession without becoming bankrupt. Quite simply, having a high level of massive student rating is nothing more than living a life with a very poor credit rating AND no money. I’m still dealing with health issues that effect my day to day and currently unemployed. hard work to see evaporate!!! I suffer from illnesses/injuries, that make it impossible for me to work in a normal setting. my mother lost her job and tuned out on life, leaving me with a debt I didn't spend or had the money to pay. I never knew that the Federal Government would be so callous and unyielding in their demands to their promising future educators. They are used by virtually every university in the United States. Then from out of nowhere she handed me a letter while we were both in our kitchen. During the divorce process, it was necessary to put my student loan payments on forbearance due to the increasing costs of my divorce. And of course don't forget to budget your expenses to make sure you aren't taking on additional debt. They don't even have the form for this on their website readily available and there is no place to upload it, seems pretty convenient don't you think. One of the tricks they pull is when you apply for Income Based Repayment or something. The Art Institutes financial aid department guided me towards private loans before I even touched federal loans. Additionally, Jack has mentored multiple new trustees. Without taking out loans, I would never have been able to pursue higher education. I cannot afford to fix the car, and without a release from my monthly bills, I will not be able to purchase and insure new transportation. May not have statues of limitations but if the educational system and the government does not change, I will fight until the end to save others from education and ending the government with its fake advertisements. We must look not only at Federal subsidize loans but private loans as well. This was more than I had been paying prior to the bankruptcy stint. But of course, they also want so pretend to be sympathetic. I even declared bankrupcy where lawyer listed loan but did nothing else. He got a federal student loan to finish his Master's. But it is so unfair knowing that by now my debt keeps increasing and even if I sent monthly payments i would probably die first before paying it off. is going beyond adversarial and is manipulating the conversation to suggest things that do not exist. In November, I contacted Navient and asked why I never received this request.

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I am in a financial hardship where I can barely make ends meet. We have never bought a new car, and only spend money on big ticket durable goods when necessary. It involves first determining an individual's "base debt amount" by subtracting all payments from the principal as it existed prior to any interest. My problem now is that the loan I have is not covered by any government exemption.

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They will be the "working poor" with rents higher than ever, I am so afraid that American dream will remain a dream for them with little hope of ever reaching it. My parents did not graduate from college and I felt I had to deal with this, even though I had no idea what I really needed to do when I felt completely overwhelmed. My problem is that I don’t make enough to cover the house expenses and be able to pay for my student loans as well

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