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It took me a long time to finish my degrees because I worked full time in a low paying job and was a parent. so what does she do we get a highway patrol office to come out and this was a complete joke and embarrassment for me they put bed sheets over the class window that faces the hall , closed all the blinds an then locked the door when he came in this is not a lie. At the same time, my business had taken a dip and I was suddenly faced with a dilemma. Online payday loans no direct deposit required. Of course I couldn't pay my student loan, was then in a car accident and never cut hair again. One of the first schools I looked at was the Illinois Institute of Art in Schaumburg.

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I've grown to resent the education and career I worked so hard to achieve. Bankruptcy filing is a hard choice and takes an emotional toll on a person. I didn't have parents to tell me otherwise nor did anyone in my immediate family really go to college for any length of time let alone finish a degree. If I block one number, the next day they call using a different number. My husband got a huge promotion at work, and things were looking up, but they required us to move. Turns out my degree is worthless because I cannot find a job running a livable wage my house has been foreclosed and I am homeless have a car but cannot afford to drive it because of the ridiculously high insurance rates. I've been trying to get my student loan payments reduced. I now tell my students to not attend college unless it's being paid for by something other than loans. i applied for Forgiveness due to total disability and am still waiting. I couldn't find any jobs in my field, and I could not regain my former position that I held before and throughout college because the company had restructured and downsized many departments. It was hard but I was able to keep my head above the water. But what they don't tell you is that some majors, even in STEM, are USELESS unless you take them to the PhD level, and even then professoral jobs are becoming scarce. About a year later, they shut down my account and sent me to collections. I was told that you are not able to discharge the loans through bankruptcy. I ended up having to take what jobs I could just to keep myself from being homeless again. And it is critical that needed reforms be enacted not only for present and future borrowers, but also retroactively to those currently in great financial distress and overburdened from their student loan rating. After graduation, I had employment but it didn't pay nearly enough to meet my minimum monthly payments to the ratings. I picked up a second job, working more than full time to support myself and an apartment. Somehow, the "counselor" when I did my first consolidation managed to kill off my subsidized loans, so I've been accumulating interest on those all these years as well. I don't complain when they take my tax return, as it is my money and it is my debt, but they are now stealing money that is not and never was mine. I've tried to email lawyers to explain my situation and see if any would be willing to negotiate with the debt collectors on my behalf, or atleast recommend anither lawyer who would, but I never get a response. A nearby for profit school persuaded her that she should major in computers because she could take her classes on line. I dont have health insurance and cannot get obama care because of my student loans and financial situation. Even when on welfare, I recognized that I was more fortunate than most in that situation. Keith Herring My story is the absolute worst-case scenario. Thank you for all you do to make a difference and all that you have done that has made a difference so far. The first comments back were via my personal email and not through Walden Universities email. I reviewed their work, noted the errors that they introduced, and took a leave of absence out of frustration and to protest the numerous committee delays that were the consequence of haggling over nuances that added nothing to the value or content of the Proposal. My student loans payments are crushing, but at least I can pay them as long as I keep a roommate. I have always planned on law school, but now the idea of more debt is terrifying. I did all of this schooling and took on all this debt to secure my future and not be strapped with debt the rest of my life. The dream I was sold of getting a college education and a career I love, the American Dream, has been nothing but a way for predators to make money.

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Over the years, I have been attempting to rebuild a positive life myself and child, I have cleared my negative credit and started trying to pay towards my students loans when I can here and there. My ex-husband brought me to court to pay half of a very expensive private college out of state. I didn't ask for help, I didn't tell my family how bad it was. I have been turned down because of my education, or my work schedule, or other reasons. I probably would have stopped paying years ago if my parent wasn't on there. We were given most of the answers on final exams and we were not prepared to enter the work force as nurses.

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They've taken grant money and making a profit off it. If I adopted this plan, I would never qualify for relief because the entire balance of my loan would be repaid before ten years had passed. I work to pay bills/ there's nothing left of my pay check. I am now in a small town called Vacaville and am restricted on starting my path towards my dreams of either running for office again or starting a community law clinic because of my debt. Makrigeorgis is one example of how Walden University is not providing the services promised in the Ph. I only buy gas when I really need it, and medication, and health care is now extra expense. They will give forbearance, but the interest continues to accumulate. Don't think any of your forms have been entered in as received. I never got any hands on photography experience in that position, and I was also not present during the photoshoots. I would like to see a program where the student is also held responsible for student loan repayment. This is clear evidence that he does not understand the theoretic underpinnings of the research and how the methodology supports those underpinnings. So again I quit making the payments, I don't know what to do. This forces students to take deferments and forbearances that add more interest in order to leech out as much profit through accrued interest. I think we should start at the hague and its definition of human rights that people should be able to attend school without harassment. All the student loans I took out where Federally funded through the Dept of Education and as such should make me eligible for the PSLF program since I have more then meet the employment and loan repayment requirements. So I was told I would have to leave a school I loved after my first year or take out loans. I recently applied to Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program and was told because of my salary, the Program would not benefit me. I don't feel like I can buy a home or start a family because I am locked in this prison of debt. I was able to work part time, get good grades, and be attending a first class school. Now, she is caught in the same predicament my wife and I faced. I have so many things I want to do, that I know I could do and make an impact like writing thoughtful film scripts or acting. I lived very modestly, within or below my means and paid my college debt in full over a period of twenty years. Something needs to change in a country that bailed out Wall Street, continues to provide tax relief to the very wealthy, but burdens our young people with debt and high interest rates with no hope of reprieve. I am in a financial hardship where I can barely make ends meet. I am currently working in a position which requires no degree. I'm tired of flying under the radar and never being able to have anything. You don't even want to know how much daycare cost for two kids per week even back then.

Our therapist tried to help us think out of the box and get creative. Americans would have free education, free healthcare and help for senior citizens, social help and the rich would still be left with enough money to live their happy rich ass lives. why is it so much to ask for similar treatment to help millions who have been fed a disillusioned dream.. All of the teachers had major language barriers and even one instructor never even worked in the field but begun teaching after she graduated. One year, my entire salary went towards my loan payments and daycare. The government bailed out the banks, the car industry and now its time to focus on the children. I consolidated my loans and made income based payments until I was able to acquire a higher paying job. I work as a behavioral specialist which is reliant on my clients keeping appointments so I can work. God save us all from these predatory lenders that are using the government to rape and pillage us all. Due to strange pre-requisites, it looks like I'll have to go part-time for two years, then full-time for three. I’m not asking for all my student rating to be forgiven.

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I pray that one day all student loan debt will be forgiven - it would forever change my quality of life. Ps & Qs not only answers our questions but does so in the most entertaining of ways! By Selwyn D. I have been able to make all my payments okay, but only just barely. The issue is is that like others I am buried in Student Loan debt. I can't tell you the number of times suicide did cross my mind because I had no co-signer, so they wouldn't be able go after my family once I was gone. I had to get private loans, I can only say it is a nightmare I now live in poverty and had to get a land contract on a rundown house, should have been condemmed, I can not get a loan and pay tripple for car insurance. I was born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago. We have a baby that we can barely afford to buy nessisary things for. Now as I enter my final year, I am applying to internships and networking with professionals --who's consensus, incidentally, is that the school I attend doesn't provide the adequate and competent knowledge necessary to enter the field. diploma in a nice picture frame that hung on the wall at the house I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life in with my ex-Canadian partner. But with this Student loan hindering my name and on my back. I was not offered any income-based payment plans or any other payment options to make the burden easier and prevent me from defaulting and ruining my credit.

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I am on the Income Driven Repayment plan and if this is altered, I fear I will not be able to make the payments. The feds make money on my misfortune and prevent me from paying even though I work for the State of Maryland, which is my side of the forgiveness program. None of my loans were discharged! To make matters worse, my private student loans came out of deferment even though I had time left. This is a nightmare for the young people after college. I worked all through college but that paid meals, rent, incidentals, textbooks. I have fought to eliminate my rating, my house is modified,my credit rating has one more year and it will be gone. During my final semester, I made a mistake that I was not aware of until it was too late. Even though people thought I would apply to Ivy Leagues I never did because I knew I was not prepared to pay out of state tuition. I have disputed it for years with the credit agencies and the lender won't remove any of them. At this point, I would save money if I were to not pay them and just let allow them garnish my wages. Sunny payday loan. I did exactly what the student financial aid office told me to do. However, many, many people I went to school with are stuck in low-level jobs that pay far below a middle class lifestyle. I would like to know if anyone knows a good attorney who can practice in the state of Florida. Even though I currently make on-time payments, only a very small portion goes to my principal. A Bachelor's degree doesn't provide much in the way of wage increase, so I continued on to my MBA. It is all explained in there in the document, please step back and realize why I am asking for this to be corrected. I could also eventually buy a house and start working on finding a way to retire. This is not what I had in mind when I started college. My roommates moved an hour and a half away, forcing me to live out of my truck because I couldn't find a job near them. Yet I did not know I would struggle with the error of a rejection until the end of the summer. It took nine months of resume submission and scores of job applications before I was forced to accept an entry position in an electronics retail chain. The American dream is dead, and those at the top better realize the ones at the bottom wont be able to hold them up much longer. Now i owe student loans i shouldn't have to pay along with not getting me a job i had to get on my own and worked so hard for them to take it away along with repeatedly making errors as i was enrolled i never got a single bill until they dropped me from the program. I am getting absolutely nowhere wth my payments, and can’t afford to pay anymore. If I default, they can garnish next to nothing from me, but the interest rates, oh god. As you might imagine, having major brain surgery has kind of a detrimental effect on a person's capability to earn money. I was told by the school administration that I needed to provide paper work that I have a disability…I did not have health care at the time and couldn\'t provide the paper work they requested. I hope we are able to make way with the student loan forgiveness act, but doesn't seem like it's going to happen any time soon. I wanted a career that I could gain a steady income and no longer be on the verge of starvation. During this time I got pregnant and decided to work in sales, I feel that has been kind to me and has given me the ability to support my daughter on my own. I don't want to believe those days of being able to land a good job where you can eventually retire from are permanently over. Every time I think of this it makes me worry and terrified I will be in a lot of financial trouble if something doesn't happen fast. We are both on Social Security - my wife is disabled. But No, my student loans want my money and I just can't seem to get anywhere. But, the only job I was offered was at a local school that was pulling itself together after Hurricane Rita, and I could not accept it because I had no place to live. I still could not make enough money working for the State of Mississippi even with my degree and had to take a second job. When filling out FASFA forms the Feds wanted the household information. Now what loans I did have to take out are piling up. Florida Is a State the preys upon hard working people with little pay and high rent here in Miami-Dade County Florida. If I'm not careful, I find myself flirting with possibilities for "opting out." In the end, I could never do that to my family, but it's hard not to look into the future and see nothing but stress and penny-pinching and loneliness and despair. Please act and do whatever you can, we all need to do something to make this problem go away. It's depressing and makes me wish I would have never went to college.which is a TERRIBLE feeling. I've considered getting a bunch of credit cards and paying them all off and then declaring bankruptcy because that is the only viable way I can think of paying it off. Unfortunately, we didn't have the money to help with schooling so I applied for scholarships and it still wasn't enough, so I had to take out school loans. I don't even have a degree to show for my troubles. My healing took everything out of me and in order to survive, I had to focus on taking care of myself, a severe trauma history, on how to live. Even with five dependents and going through a very contentious divorce, I went on to earn the school's president's award every semester. if I had, I would not have submitted a new consolidation. our Story* Parent Plus Loan Nightmare the Monster that keeps Growing. I have been trying to speak with someone for over a year on this issue, to no avail. He finally was hired as a security guard making minimum wage. I was raised in poor rural areas and thought that college was my ticket out of there. The loans continue to pile on as I remind myself that this is the only way I'm going to have a chance to make it in this modern era

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