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I’m blown away by the support and words of encouragement from friends, supporters, and strangers. With any extra funds, Joel has decided to form a scholarship or donate to an existing scholarship for other college-bound LGBT students who may be facing obstacles to their dreams simply because of their sexuality.  Together, we can not only help Joel pursue his highest aspirations, but we can also prove that in the end, #LOVEWINS!Thank you.

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Payday loans for students with bad credit. Cash advance bad axe mi. Most nights Joel would cry himself to sleep; he had an inner battle going on and didn’t feel any support at home in terms of just being loved for being who he is, as he is.As soon as Joel could, he got not one job, but several. Completely online payday loans. I’m going to take the chance everyone here has given me to prove that I can be more than what some have thought of me. They believe that by signing the paperwork they are somehow endorsing Joel being gay and encouraging a lifestyle they do not agree with. We are making sure that his second semester is covered and we can support him continuing to reach his goals and dreams.  I have never seen a dancer progress that quickly with the desire, heart and joy of performing.”I’m asking for your help. He was very nervous about auditioning, staying up all night rehearsing in mind and in my living room. We should  stretch for our own goals while encouraging others  to do the same. They had mixed emotions; they loved Joel, but they would not support him. But for some of you,  I'm gonna ask you to dig a little deeper.

During the recession his parents were laid off from their jobs & but found jobs living and working at a local church camp. And his senior year, he worked non-stop in the summer so he could continue dance and join the competition team. Initially, his parents agreed to help with financial aid so that Joel could get student loans for college. His performances, his growth, his new life, his new friends, and his new home that you helped him achieve at college in OKC. For only three years of dancing, he was remarkable. What a few months ago seemed impossible now seems achievable. Although he danced around the house as a young boy declaring, “When I grow up I want to be a dancer!”, his parents,  afraid he would get made fun of for being a “boy ballerina,”  told him that he could only take dance lessons when he could pay for them himself. During his first few weeks, Joel made it into American Spirit Dance Company, the Spirit of Grace Liturgical Dance Company, as well as being cast in a lyrical trio in the Student Choreography show. Because of this Joel asked his parents to sign him up for counseling to “pray the gay away.” He felt torn between who he knew he was and who he thought he should be based on the beliefs of his family and others around him.

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He chose the latter.Joel moved in with a teacher and mentor and she has helped him focus on his dance career and his brighter future. When I first heard the words “It Gets Better,” I was skeptical; I didn’t believe it was possible. Without you, we would still be working on finding funds for my second semester.

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He is definitely busy, but has settled into a great new family at OCU. He would be living as an open gay man from this point forward.   gay and plans to live openly as a gay man. Due to his family’s strict stance on homosexuality they will not sign or cosign anything to help him get to college. Together, we can create a tidal wave of paying forward the heart-felt generosity and love that you are a part of! Let's do this! Much Love and Sincerest Gratitude. We know that love is higher than fear and our perceived differences. I’m going to go to OCU and fight for this harder than I have for anything in my life, and hopefully someday you’ll see me on Broadway.  And my mother just wrote to me and said, “As I watched this young man develop within a few short months, and his knowledge of music from every musical ever written, I knew he had been blessed with a gift. We raised just enough to pay for his first semester, and we have attached some pictures of his beginning days at OCU. The counselor would tell Joel how bad and wrong it was for feeling the way he felt. He also joined Students of Art Management and hopes to be a Freshman Representative, on top of joining Spectrum, the local LGBT group. He has had an uphill battle pursuing what he felt was his inner dream of dancing since he was a child. Without my parents support, there is no way I could have attended. The judges and choreographers told my mother he was one of the most passionate dancers they had ever worked with. We don't all have to agree on everything, but our higher selves know that we should support those pursuing their dreams. He continued to volunteer his time at a local dementia care center, but also worked at a jewelry store and a local farm for pay.

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Now I will have the chance to make something of myself and all of you have had a huge part in making that dream a reality. I thought I would be stuck in my small town, surrounded by people who didn’t like me, doing something I hated. Please send them Joel's story via a link to this campaign with a personal message. Thank you Dan Savage, for listening and sharing my story. Without your support this would not have been possible. If I had known before that so many people would love me and support me after coming out, I would have done it a long time ago. You have truly changed everything! Now I know things really do get better. After a lot of thought and prayers, Joel decided to tell his parents three things. This was a gut wrenching realization because of his family’s belief that homosexuality is a sin - that it is a choice and a choice that is not to be tolerated.  So, until he was old enough to find jobs, he instead played musical instruments, joined a choir, volunteered at  church and community events, joined the drama team, the singing team, bell choir and even the puppet team.  My first impression of Joel was a sweet, sheltered kid who grew up with a different home life than most of us

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