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We are putting our young people in a TRAP, from cradle to grave. In my case I finished my schooling and landed a great job and I STILL can barely survive. I'm living with a boyfriend in a house that we really like. I'm already on antidepressants for my panic attacks that I suffer because everything is on my shoulders. I had no idea that I would be losing my job due to seizures I have had at work. Whereas I am unable to save for my retirement and she cannot afford a home. Thanks for listening, I've never told anyone this whole story. Loans uk no credit check. They were waiting for their APA approval and it was taking too long for the program to start and I was running out of time so I had to find another site. I did well in school and took out private and federal student loans to go to college. I also found out two years ago that I have a liver disease that may make me disabled eventually. I truly think that those of us that choose to serve the community, and obviously take jobs that do not pay well, should be forgiven our loans after a certain period of time. I am gainfully employed with a union job, benefits, and decent wages, however my lack of degree is enough for these banks/entities to assume I am nothing more than a 'drop-out'.

I just want to underscore everything Bernie Sanders has said on the subject. I got married but I have to keep life insurance on myself to pay the student loan tax bill in case I die before they are forgiven. It was amazing to find out the large amount of people that had no clue they had the ability to lower their monthly payments by extending their loan using their own federal right to consolidate. I spent most of last year paying as much as I could each month trying to chip away at the giant loan I have from Physical Therapy school so to hear that all my hard work just went down the drain and now my loans would be accruing more interest each month was DEVASTATING for me. Now not sure what to do Just keep looking for a tech Job and hope I get one before Owe so much money on my schooling I will never make enough to pay it off. My step mom ended up cosigning for the last portion of my loan with Sallie Mae. Missouri FHA Lending Limits Includes FHA limits in Maryville, Milan, Kirksville, St. Got admitted to graduate school, found that mental health professionals aren't so professional, was treated so poorly I ended up in my own therapy for it. We moved back home to our mom's two bedroom rental and worked at a local grocery store for minimum wage. I DO NOT OWE THAT AMOUNT OF MONEY ON THIS STUDENT LOAN BUT NO ONE CAN HELP ME GET TO THE BOTTOM OF IT. There are many others who will have their paltry social security checks garnished. This is all due to the International Academy of Design and Technology Chicago's predatory lending and deceptive recruiting practices. I was told over & over again that if I went to college I would get help finding a career job, get a high paying job, be successful, I would become SOMEONE. My GPA was quite high and I began to receive small scholarships to help with my tuition. When I was young, my head was filled with all of these fantastic stories of the "better life" I would have if I sought higher education after high school. My husband does not make much and now works part time and stays at home with our son. I believed that becoming better educated would provide better opportunities. He was abusive, controlling, and made me feel like I would never get anywhere without him in my life. Monthly paid: The leave balance on your paycheck earnings statement reflects the amount of leave you have at the end of the previous month. Where the schools get you is they tell you there are programs that will pay your loans for you and not to worry, by the time you are scared you are too far in and have to keep going because you have to get licensed to get the loan repayment. They had hoped that their work in public health would qualify them for eventual loan forgiveness.

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Needless to say, after a while I got tired of this and moved back in with my mother. I consulted a lawyer the next year about possibly filing for bankruptcy. Finally, I took a medical leave, but I could not afford to return to school after the allowed time period.

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I though when You get your degrees you have to start back paying. They do not take in consideration all other costs that comes from the same salary. Being back here in the states we have had everything come out of our pocket and I am now currently unemployed, I am also in debt with school loans but this is for my husband. Currently, I'm working in a different field because I can't get a job in what I studied in NYC without my MA Certificate. I am never going to be able to pay off these loans. To my disipointment I still have not gotten an interview in the field I went to school for. She also told me others experienced the same problem. I have been able to make all my payments okay, but only just barely. I called and was informed the transfer was in progress and my service time was approved. My sisters and I were all determined to go to college. I graduated high school and the following day moved to a city. I went from electronics to Computers/Network Administrator.

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I've tapped every resource humanly possible to try to find a job to service these loans and cannot. I trusted my financial advisers as they ensured me they would help me find loans, they would call me in and tell me they found me a loan and to just sign on the line. During my senior year of college I found a great job. Today, I want to use my education to fundamentally change the relationship of my community to resources and power. The classes weren’t as good as they made them out to be, and they sell you on how fast you’d be able to finish, and get a job. It is considered a public sector because my paycheck says that I get paid from the State of New York. I know I made mistakes, but I have literally paid this stupid loan off technically, but not making any leeway at all. Seems what I thought was the right thing -was wrong after-all because my student loan rating will outlive me. I first was denied financial aid due to my parents' income. Neither son has been successful yet in securing a job that puts them in a position to be able to buy a home and pay off their debt. Now they have to compete with those fresh out of college year after year because they graduated when everything crashed.

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Despite all my struggles, I still remain hopeful that life will get better and I can gain my independence again, just me and my baby boy who, without him I would have never found the strength to leave my abusive ex. We lost our first child and are struggling to make it. I have been working at admin jobs just making it pay check to pay check and trying to pay off these loans ever since. The lenders are protected from offering us any refinance to workable solution that pays down the principal realistically. They objected asserting it would be too burdensome to produce the numerous records. My daughter had hoped to relieve me of at least some of this debt, but she too has Perkins and Stafford loans to pay.

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I had no idea that living on campus and going to school out of state would make my principle loan so high. We will have to start voting Democrat until these student loans are gone. My mother has no assets - no house or even a credit card, but I was able to get some financial aid and loans and was the only one of my siblings to secure a parent plus loans. They can't purchase homes, don't drive new cars and are becoming part of the working poor. College students are given money as if they already have their career and the ability to pay it back. We loose for being educated here in the US if we need to borrow so much. Additionally, I don't know if having clients and friends see it would be something that would rub people the wrong way and make me lose credibility when I am trying to build a practice at work. Alaska FHA Lending Limits Includes FHA limits in Barrow, Nome, Fairbanks, Bethel, Anchorage, Homer, Seward, Kodiak, Unalaska, Juneau, Sitka, Petersburg. I knew I would not make a lot of money in the field I chose but I never expected to struggle to pay bills as much as I do. Although I obtained many scholarship, they were not enough to keep my cost of attending a public college to a minimum. If my husband and I file our taxes separately so I qualify for IBR, we would pay more in taxes because we would lose other tax credits. I had to defer for a while, but then once my two older kids left the home, I no longer qualified. Even my own parents informed me that I am cut out of their will. We need a solution like Mrs Warren and Bernie Sanders have suggested. There is little room for upward mobility and what there is is rarely available because people above me aren't leaving jobs to retire until they absolutely have to.

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Now I'm down to counting pennies and living paycheck to paycheck just to keep up with paying my student loans. I do have two things that no lender will be able to take away from me, and that is HOPE and DETERMINATION. The SL people made it impossible to pay the people we wanted to pay back, including themselves. It actually took a year and a half of communication and switching to Navient before Sallie Mae offered me a lowered interest rate and lower monthly payment. Air Force veteran who has been trying to reinvent myself after the economy crash.

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It profoundly saddens me to think of how many people wanting to go into fields they have a passion for that pay very little won't ever follow their passion if they don't have help with their student loans. Eventually I made it to the University of Vermont where the power struggle continued because every year I needed a co-signer for my loans. I am trying to get my VA disability and maybe work part-time. This is a deviant and predatory practice that Navient and Sallie Mae emply. Initially, Duke employees received tuition deduction, but when the time came for me to enroll in school, this benefit was removed. After graduation I recieved my loan repayment notices. I will never be able to buy anything, a car or even a home. Luckily, I had always been an honor student so I was able to qualify for some grants and scholarships through my school, Champlain College in Burlington, VT. I was not offered any income-based payment plans or any other payment options to make the burden easier and prevent me from defaulting and ruining my credit. I am on a fixed income and need to help them still because of the poor job market and their payments to student loans are like a mortgage. My bf and I have already had the discussion that we will not get legally married because if I do go back, I don't want him stuck with my debt, because I don't think I'll ever pay it off and death will come first. The good news is I never made enough money to get used to a life style much above the poverty level. And now I am in the process of going back to school to earn my masters so that I can further myself in my career, however, I’ll be in even more debt, but, in order to get to the position that I want I basically don’t have a choice but to go back to school. Please to all young people looking to taking out student loans PLEASE consider other options because this can definitely become a trap to keep you from thriving. The debt stalled many things in life for me and I don’t want to feel like I’m nailed to the cross for it. I took odd jobs doing what I could because student loan repayment started. These big insurance companies.I really don't know how anyone gets hired on at them let alone an interview. I received my BS in television & media and have had some luck finding work. I want more than anything for my student loans to be relieved so I can start over. I have to re-certify for all of these programs --student loans, SSI, housing, and medical care, on a continual basis, and I find Navient, the new student loan website, difficult to navigate

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